Puffs of Glitter (3)

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Puffs of Glitter
Event Hollow Eve Festival 436
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops
This store only accepts Kronars

Shiny Smells

[Puffs of Glitter, Shiny Smells]
Smeared indiscriminately across the walls and ceiling, glitter is found in an eye-searing swirl of colors and shine. Glittery tables in distinctly different colors are set at odd angles in the middle of the room, while a glittery rainbow tent flap serves as the exit.

Obvious exits: none.

Everything in this store has glitter or scent atmo.

On the green table
Item Price Done
opalescent blue moonsilk tunic veiled by a starry layer of silver sequins - silver sequin stars 56,250   
hip-hugging black starlight velvet leggings - aroma of star jasmine 512,500   
sweeping starlight velvet mantle strewn with shimmering nightfire opals - silver sequin stars 1,012,500   
pale blue moonsilk astronomy case secured with nightfire opal stars - silver sequin stars 556,250   
sleek knee-high black boots entwined with shimmering star jasmine - aroma of star jasmine 56,250   
On the purple table
Item Price Done
glitzy twilight evening gown of spun glitter and silveress - twilight glitter 925,000   
shimmering silveress wrap interwoven with fragrant star jasmine blossoms - aroma of star jasmine 887,500   
dainty spun glitter slippers adorned with star-cut twilight sapphires - twilight glitter 125,000   
extravagant spun glitter capelet fastened with a massive silveress bow - iridescent glitter 925,000   
ruched starlight velvet pack fastened with shimmering nightfire opals - silver glitter 1,012,500   
On the orange table
Item Price Done
shimmering goldweave waistcoat layered over an elegant crimson firesilk shirt - tiny phoenix sequins 162,500   
fitted goldweave trousers with glittery flames flickering up the seams - tiny phoenix sequins 200,000   
split-tailed formal jacket of crimson firesilk and trilliant-cut smoke rubies - aroma of smoldering fire 162,500   
double-mantled formal cloak of crimson firesilk and trilliant-cut smoke rubies - aroma of smoldering fire 337,500   
dark gold dress shoes buttoned with trilliant-cut smoke rubies - aroma of smoldering fire 137,500   
On the pink table
Item Price Done
sparkly gold bandeau of spun glitter - glittery gold sequins 162,500   
tight-fitting black shadesatin leggings - black heart-shaped glitter 750,000   
loosely coiled black gold asp with glittering shadow emerald eyes - emerald-swirled black glitter 275,000   
ornate horned headdress adorned with an abundance of vibrant velvet lilies - scent of freshly cut lilies 187,500   
chic black and white striped tunic accented with vibrant peony blooms - glittery peony petals 37,500