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swirling eddy of incandescent light bound by a gold-striated coralite frame
Look: A small pocket is barely visible within the circular movement of light.
Weight: 10 stones
Metal: Unknown
Appraised Cost: 3125000 Kronars
2,500,000 Lirums
2,255,000 Dokoras
3,125 LTBpoints
3,125 Tickets
3,125 Scrips
Properties: This is a container.
  • This item is magical.
  • This item is worn in a generic slot.
Dimensions: 3 length x 2 width x 1 height
Capacity: 18 length x 13 width x 9 height (1700 stones)
Sources: Source is Hollow Eve Festival 436


  • This item was the gift during the Hollow Eve Festival 436 (2020) event.
  • Item will bond to the character and is not transferrable.
  • Yes, it works for F2P if they buy a ticket.
  • This is a generally worn container the size of a fully embiggened hitman's backpack. Like the linked containers occasionally sold at auction, the items inside this container magically teleport through a "watery portal" and are stored in the Merelew vaults. These aren't linked to any other bags, but the mechanics are similar. They'll hold up to 250 items by default.[1]
  • Essentially, your carry capacity is increased by 250 items, but without additional weight. The items are stored off your person and you're given a portal to access it. (The vault it stores things in is the same size as the bag.)
  • Eddies are upgradable, as of Droughtman's Challenge 441 (2022). Using a coral Merelew gadget will add +10 items to its capacity (up to a maximum of 750 items in total) and +35 stones in carrying capacity (up to a maxmimum of 3,450 stones). Fifty (50) total upgrades are required to cap the storage.
  • The items that you put in the container aren't actually in the container: They're magically transported to the Merelew vault. They're literally not on your character, they don't count against your inventory count, they don't count against your encumbrance. They're not on you.
  • As such, the command INVENTORY LIST does not itemize what's been put into the container.[2]
  • To see what you've put into the container, use either INVENTORY MY EDDY or LOOK IN MY PORTAL commands.
  • Warning: Unlike vaults, the items stored within are not be copied over to the Test Instance.[3]
  • Warning: Like with vaults, favor orbs left in an eddy for too long will shatter, leaving behind some shattered glass. [4]

Storage Capacity

Weight Items
Base 1,700 stones 250 items
Per Expansion +35 stones +10 items
Fully Upgraded 3,450 stones 750 items


Storing Items


Retrieving Items


Note: the FROM MY EDDY syntax does not work.

Listing Items

Inside a swirling eddy of incandescent light bound by a gold-striated coralite frame, you see:
a gem pouch
[Use INVENTORY HELP for more options.]
Note: the INVENTORY PORTAL syntax does not work.
You count up the items in your swirling eddy...
There are one hundred seventy (170) items inside the eddy.

Other Verbs

On studying the inside and outside of the swirling eddy, you feel that you can PUT items in the eddy that fit within the eddy container's dimensions, but they seem to fall into a watery portal if you do. You should be able to GET items from the portal if you have anything in there. You could also probably OPEN, CLOSE, GAZE and FOCUS the swirling eddy. The eddy's item-storing capability appears to be limited by its interior dimensions, weight carrying capacity, and item count.
The eddy will hold up to 250 items weighing up to 1700 stones.
[The swirling eddy is bonded to you without charges.]
The interior of the swirling eddy seems to funnel downward where it attaches to a watery portal. You suspect you'll have to look into the watery portal to view or get any belongings.
You focus your magical senses on a swirling eddy of incandescent light bound by a gold-striated coralite frame.
The swirling eddy has a definite magical pattern, which apparently is an enchanted item.
You recognize the pattern as a manifestation of Lunar magic.
It seems to involve Enlightened Geometry and appears to allow for continual teleportation.
You gaze deeply into the swirling eddy and find your gaze slipping through the watery portal. Through it, you see...

[Under the Sea, Secure Vault]
Richly hued flowstone in reds, greens, and purples ripples in the soft illumination of the expansive cavern. Stalactites thrust from the ceiling, between which singular points of glistening blue light reside atop dangling clear strands, glowworms slowly moving along the rooftop within their hanging traps. Along the walls are a seemingly endless series of small pockets carved into the stone, paired with a watery portal.
Obvious paths: none.

Alteration Rules

  • Eddies can only be altered by live merchants. (They're incompatible with the scroll system.)
  • The noun must remain "eddy."
  • The eddy must be composed of moving, bright-colored light.
  • The light can't be divine, holy, shadowy, or dark.
  • The light can't be sunlight, starlight, or moonlight, but it can resemble such light.
  • The light needs to be constrained/contained in a physical object, and the interior can't be described beyond the watery portal.


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