Women at Arms Annex (3)

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Women at Arms Annex
Event Hollow Eve Festival 436
Owner Unknown
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Weapon shops, Armor shops, Clothing shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Women at Arms Annex, Sales floor]
Someone has lined the exterior cloth with cotton in a cheery yellow shade, attempting to transform the bare room into an oasis of warmth and color. Floor-length mirrors provide ways for the patrons to see the merchandise while being worn. Scattered across the floor are thick wool carpets that support a number of mannequins displaying the shop's wares.
You also see a storm-grey mannequin with several things on it, a deep indigo mannequin with several things on it, a bright orange mannequin with several things on it, a deep auburn mannequin with several things on it, a large sign and a tent flap.
Obvious exits: none.

A large sign reads:

All armor and clothing is carefully tailored to fit a woman's figure,
allowing the wearer to move freely without giving up style and grace.

Most items will not fit a male figure.

Please note that we have extensively revamped our wares and that even if
they superficially resemble items we have sold in the past, the materials
and worksmanship have greatly increased thus increasing our quality.
On the storm-grey mannequin
Item Price Done
loose grey cotton trousers 1,875   
storm-grey cotton blouse with long sleeves 2,500   
pair of grey leather boots tooled with lightning bolts 2,250   
grey chain gloves with a lightning bolt design 3,125   
storm-grey chain balaclava with lightning bolts along the lower edge 5,625   
deep grey chain hauberk with a design of storm clouds on the chest 7,000   
On the indigo mannequin
Item Price Done
pure white linen shirt with indigo embroidery along the neckline 4,375   !!
indigo-dyed silk pants with silver embroidery on the seams 3,750   !!
segmented gloves with indigo-colored plates 4,375   !!
segmented greaves with etched bone plates 8,125   !!
segmented mask with indigo bone plates affixed 1,875   No
segmented helm covered with indigo-colored bone plates 4,375   No
segmented coat made of indigo-dyed bone plates 6,875   No
On the orange mannequin
Item Price Done
pair of deep orange pants with turned up cuffs 2,500   !!
pair of bright orange boots 1,875   !!
orange silk shirt with a sweetheart neckline 4,375   !!
bright orange mask constructed of quilted silk and cotton 2,500   No
bright orange hood quilted from cotton and silk 3,125   No
variegated orange sleeves of silk and cotton 4,375   No
bright orange robe quilted from silk and cotton 5,625   No
On the auburn mannequin
Item Price Done
brown knee-high boots with golden tassels 9,375   !!
loose cream-colored cotton blouse with gold embroidery 1,875   !!
dark brown padded gloves with decorative gold stitching 5,625   No
deep brown padded mask with golden embroidery 1,875   No
deep brown padded hood with decorative gold stitching 5,625   No
dark brown padded pants with gold stitching 9,375   No
deep brown padded shirt with leather reinforced hems 37,500   No
On the lilac mannequin
Item Price Done
high-heeled cream leather boots with deep cuffs 4,268   !!
pale lilac velvet surcoat embroidered with lavender blooms along the hem 9,300   
burnished plate gauntlets with enamel banded cuffs 7,262   !!
fitted steel plate armor embossed with sprays of enamel lilacs 95,593   !!
brushed steel great helm surmounted by a pair of stylized white wings 13,387   !!
On the copper mannequin
Item Price Done
soft black calfskin greaves with copper rivets 656   !!
soft black calfskin gloves with copper beads 656   !!
divided verdigris linen skirt with a wide brown belt 6,250   
slouched black suede boots with narrow copper-plated heels 2,975   !!
rough shagreen hood adorned with iridescent green feathers 2,531   !!
On the rose mannequin
Item Price Done
fuchsia suede gloves with black beading 3,750   !!
channel-quilted rose suede tunic cut to hug the figure 15,625   !!
short grey flannel skirt cut to ride low on the hips 1,588   !!!!
fuchsia suede mask with a feathery black design around the eyes 3,750   !!!!
charcoal-grey leather thigh boots 1,500   !!
On the weapons stand
Item Price Done
slender damascened bodice dagger 18,750   
lustrous pearl-pommeled damascened broadsword 287,500   !!
steel longsword with a wire-wound water opal hilt 500,000   !!
scallop-edged oben with an iridescent mother-of-pearl inlaid pommel 875,000   !!
water-etched steel sabre with a wire-wrapped hilt 10,350   
On the amethyst mannequin
Item Price Done
pair of doeskin riding breeches 1,500   
silver-washed plate vambraces inlaid with tiny enameled violets 12,500   !!
silvery steel gauntlets with ornamental cutwork cuffs 12,500   !!
amethyst velvet surcoat embroidered with white violets 9,300   
silver-washed field plate inlaid with wreaths of enameled purple violets 150,000   !!
supple silver-spurred leather riding boots 4,268   
silver-gilt great helm adorned with amethysts and mother-of-pearl 16,250   !!
On the peacock-blue mannequin
Item Price Done
gold-washed brigandine greaves trimmed with peacock-blue enamel 7,500   !!!!
pair of peacock-blue doeskin pants trimmed with gold piping 9,375   !!
creamy raw silk shirt embroidered with tiny peacocks on the neckline 6,250   !!
gold-washed brigandine vambraces trimmed with peacock-blue enamel 5,000   !!!!
peacock-blue brigandine sleeves edged with gold 5,000   !!!!
gold-washed brigandine helm with a peacock feather crest 25,000   !!!!
pair of gilded steel mesh gauntlets adorned with aquamarines 18,750   !!!!
steel tower shield adorned with an enamel peacock in full display 125,000   !!
fitted peacock-blue steel brigandine with gold-edged tassets 250,000   !!!!
On the lemon-yellow mannequin
Item Price Done
darkened mesh handguards interwoven with gold along the wrists 62,500   !!!!
lemon-yellow cotton voile skirt with white eyelet petticoats 3,750   !!
darkened chain balaclava with a filigree gold neckband 25,000   !!!!
darkened chain robe adorned with citrines along the yoke 187,500   !!!!
soft white organza blouse with silken embroidery 6,250   !!
On the gold mannequin
Item Price Done
low crimson suede boots with lacquered black heels 12,500   
golden hunting leathers embossed with crimson firebirds 56,250   !!!!
beaded black leather gloves 18,750   !!!!
ruby-red Velakan linen pantaloons 625,000   
crimson leather hood trimmed with gold piping 5,000   !!!!
On the green mannequin
Item Price Done
moss green leather greaves embossed with oak leaves 25,000   !!!!
long emerald-green cire silk skirt 937,500   
fringed fern-green falconer's gauntlets 8,750   !!!!
padded deep green suede jacket embossed with a pattern of oak leaves 31,250   !!!!
forest green leather mask decorated with tiny feathers 25,000   !!!!
forest green suede boots with cord laces 4,375   !!
creamy high-necked Elven wool shirt 312,500