ArtSea Gifts and Souvenirs

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ArtSea Gifts and Souvenirs
Event Hollow Eve Festival 436, Hollow Eve Festival 439, Hollow Eve Festival 443
Owner Unknown
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops
This store only accepts Kronars

Main Room

[ArtSea Gifts and Souvenirs, Main Room]
Although as tiny inside as it appeared from the outside, this diminutive shop is bursting with merchandise. Shelves line the walls and racks are stuffed into every corner. Hooks hanging from the ceiling allow for even the narrow aisleways to display wares for the discriminating tourist.
You also see a spoon rack with a few things on it, a tiny door and a polished stand with a couple of things on it.
Obvious exits: none.

On the polished stand
Item Price Done
symbolic midnight-black watersilk sash 40,187   
A note reads:
"This sash can hold and display commemorative medals so that you may remember fondly all those special moments in life!"
On the foil-covered shelf
Item Price Done
piece of red foil 93   
piece of blue foil 93   
piece of yellow foil 93   
piece of green foil 93   
piece of orange foil 93   
piece of purple foil 93   
piece of white foil 93   
piece of grey foil 93   
piece of black foil 93   
piece of brown foil 93   
On the red rack
Item Price Done
bright red shopping bag 5,000   
blinding white shopping bag 5,000   
sea blue shopping bag with a squirming kraken on the front 5,000   
On the red shelf
Item Price Done
baggy white shirt with red lettering 6,250   
loose pink shirt embroidered with a stick figure riding a dolphin 6,250   
oversized orange shirt block-printed with a shopping bag 6,250   
roomy grey shirt embroidered with a red heart in the middle 6,250   
baggy cream shirt embroidered with red hearts all over 6,250   
baggy beige shirt embroidered with a red and blue lettering 6,250   
oversized ecru shirt embroidered with black lettering 6,250   
loose lilac shirt block-printed with a gold lettering 6,250   
On the spoon rack
Item Price Done
gold spoon with the image of a rising island in the bowl 1,250   
silver spoon with a Merelew face on the bowl 1,250   
pewter spoon with kraken-shaped bowl 1,250   
On the metal hook
Item Price Done
white towel embroidered with a squirming kraken 281   
pink towel embroidered with red lettering 281   
grey towel embroidered with a darker grey dolphin 281   
cream towel embroidered with a colorful seahorse 281   
On the oak hook
Item Price Done
etched silver tankard 621   
etched pewter tankard 621   
etched brass tankard 621