Male Persuasion (4)

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The Male Persuasion
Event Hollow Eve Festival 436, Hollow Eve Festival 439
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[The Male Persuasion, Sales Floor]
Panels of ayabere cover the walls, their deep azure grain lustrous under the light of ornate metal sconces affixed at even intervals around the room. With head and teeth still intact, a massive korograth hide rug cushions every footfall along the floor. A polished haon libations table is centrally located amidst oiled leather couches, allowing patrons a place to relax and converse while taking a break from perusing the wares amid mannequins of every race -- including Merelew.
You also see a grey tent flap pinned back with a large faceted crystal.
Obvious exits: none.

On the dapper Dwarf mannequin
Item Price Done
pair of pressed gold-hued pants with black silk rolled cuffs 7,500   
glossy silk shirt pinned at the cuffs with hollow gold squares 25,000   
pair of black leather boots trimmed with gold silk cuffs 5000   

On the masculine Merelew mannequin
Item Price Done
sleeveless cerulean toga patterned with faint tone-on-tone azure starfish 941,653   

On the rakish Rakash mannequin
Item Price Done
some loud raspberry-striped black camocas braies buttoned with shining platinum discs 62,500   
pair of black leather boots edged at the seams with silver 5,000   
glittering raspberry-hued shirt of uzil with blackberry-shaped onyx cufflinks 154,177   

On the posing Prydaen mannequin
Item Price Done
some whitleather pants adorned with azure rivets up each leg 50,000   
pair of black leather boots with mottled eggplant turtleplait cuffs 62,500   
collarless mottled eggplant-hued shirt with gold orb-shaped cufflinks 75,000   

On the graceful Gor'Tog mannequin
Item Price Done
brilliant tangerine-hued tunic with a squared neck 4,375   
pair of stiff leather boots edged with tangerine-hued ribbon 5,000   
some brown leather pants buckled along the side of each leg 54,153   

On the genial Gnome mannequin
Item Price Done
pair of leather boots cuffed with tone-on-tone black spidersilk 5,000   
collared black spidersilk shirt with abstract windsteel buttons 104,152   
loose variegated crimson and orange linen braies accented with jade beadwork 12,500   

On the ethereal Elothean mannequin
Item Price Done
vivid nacarat songsilk shirt with a tall embroidered collar 59,998   
pair of stiff leather boots trimmed in nacarat songsilk at the cuffs 562,500   
some fitted lustrous jacinthe songsilk trousers 655,142   

On the stately S'Kra Mur mannequin
Item Price Done
simple mazarine scalene gamantang 1,087,500   
pair of inky-black leather sandals with tel'athi buckles 1,087,500   
etched tel'athi tailband 30,197   

On the elegant Elf mannequin
Item Price Done
pair of black leather boots trimmed in grey sharkskin 5,000   
charcoal seasilk shirt with polished gold buttons 940,417   
some form-fitting sharkskin pants laced with black leather 5,500   

On the kempt Kaldar mannequin
Item Price Done
thick khaki-colored wool sweater 9,375   
pair of stiff black leather boots with downturned cuffs lined with russet silk ribbon 5,000   
pair of oatmeal-hued gabardine breeches with upturned russet cuffs 50,000   

On the opulent Olvi mannequin
Item Price Done
pair of black leather boots with turned up mango-hued cuffs 5,000   
white muslin dress shirt with smooth orichalcum buttons 344,435   
pair of elegant ebon silk trousers streaked with mango-hued thread 25,000   

On the habilimented Human mannequin
Item Price Done
rich viridian double-breasted shirt with globular gold buttons 30,000   
lustrous oliveaceous steelsilk trousers with dangling gold laces 93,750   
pair of matte black leather boots with gold steelsilk cuffs 29,167   
On the libations table
Item Price Done
glazed azure clay jug filled with Refined Rustic moonshine 0   
tray of lowball glasses filled with Formal Fellow gin and tonic 0   
heavy crystal cask of Genial Gentleman bourbon 0   
frosted glass bottle of Dapper Dandy brandy 0