Made for Walking (2)

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Made for Walking
Event Hollow Eve Festival 436
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops, Armor shops
This store only accepts Kronars

Made for Walking

[Made for Walking]
The smell of leather and polish permeates the large stall, creating a thick texture to the air. Tables, counters and chests all crowd together, displaying wares. In the center of the area, a glass display case holds a rather non-descript pair of boots. A large NOTE is tacked to the case's wooden base.
You also see an oaken chest and a leather flap leading out.
Obvious exits: none.

A large note reads:

"Feel free to STUDY and LOOK at the pair of boots in the display case to get a better idea of our quality merchandise."

In the oaken chest
Item Price Done
serpentine-hide boots with dragon's head-shaped poleyns 1,137,446   !!
reinforced diamond-hide boots embellished with Drogor's Wrath sapphires 1,386,246   !!
thick jaguar-pelt boots with black leather strapping 511,243   !!
weathered leather boots dangling bits of netting and sea grass 235,698   !!
articulated rugged leather boots tooled with tentacled krakens 249,947   !!
On the makeshift counter
Item Price Done
darkstone plate boots embossed with green diamond-inlaid greatswords 11,244,861   
lightened plate boots chased with an ornate thistle pattern 1,498,743   
heavy plate boots with clawed sabatons 321,948   
blue plate boots wrought with an overlapping scale pattern 373,743   
gleaming platinum boots embellished with ruby roses 855,691   
On the display table
Item Price Done
blackened mail boots dangling silver ribbons along each side 962,443   
gilded chain boots decorated with dragon's head rondels 611,243   
tarnished mail boots adorned with skull-shaped toe caps 1,061,243   
polished lamellar boots studded with glistening fire agates 673,743   
reinforced brigandine boots with thick canvas padding 285,698