Tastelessly Tacky (9)

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Tastelessly Tacky
Event Hollow Eve Festival 436
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Container shops, Clothing shops
This store only accepts Kronars


[Tastelessly Tacky, Vestibule]
Crystals encrusted on the walls glitter in the warm glow of the candelabra resting on the white harpsichord positioned in the center of the room. Next to the instrument is a mannequin dressed in a dazzlingly white ensemble. A pure white wool rug, its plush pile thick and luxurious, covers the ground.
You also see a pink and purple door.
Obvious exits: northeast, east, northwest.

On the white mannequin
Item Price Done
white-rimmed spectacles encrusted with diamond dust 31,250   
wide white leather belt studded with crystals 25,000   
white silk shirt with ruffles down the front 37,500   
pair of white shoes 18,750   
white leather pants with crystals on the outside seams 25,000   
white fur cloak 150,000   
white velvet jacket lined with white ermine fur 81,250   


[Tastelessly Tacky, Containers]
Fake leopard-print wallpaper covers the walls, clashing with the zebra-skin rugs on the black and white checked wooden floor. A counter, covered with red dyed fur, holds containers for sale.
You also see an ichor-green shelf with several things on it.
Obvious exits: east, southeast.

On the wooden rack
Item Price Done
pair of red leather boots tooled with flying vultures 6,250   No
sludge-black fustian cloak with a white rabbit painted on the back 50,000   No
wine-red wool vest with cloth-of-gold lapels 50,000   No
bright lemon yellow leather breeches with a pink satin lining 125,000   No
dark pink satin doublet with orange lace at the cuffs 125,000   No
pair of emerald-green crushed velvet pants with a bright yellow belt 18,750   No
cloth-of-gold cassock embroidered with purple symbols 18,750   No
wine-colored wool skirt embroidered with bees 6,250   No
pair of crimson-dyed fur buskins 6,250   No
woven gold girdle embelished with electrum suns 6,250   No
On the ichor-green shelf
Item Price Done
plaid backpack with scarlet and emerald stripes 1,875   
emerald quiver embroidered with pink rabbits 1,875   
rowan sheath with a slithering snake burnt into it 500   
rot brown felt quiver embroidered with silver dots 1,875   
raccoon-shaped hip pouch 625   
violet sheath with gold tooling 500   
pumpkin-shaped hip pouch 625   
red and purple striped canvas quiver 1,875   
calico backpack with yellow and red flowers 1,875   
blood-red sheath with gold tooling 500   
mauve hip pouch with a brass clasp 625   
olive-green sheath tooled with red hearts 1,875   
pumpkin-colored knapsack with amethyst straps 1,875   
On the fur-covered counter
Item Price Done
turquoise wool knapsack with pink fringe 4,375   
bright pink backpack shaped like a bunny 4,375   
pink canvas backpack with bright blue straps 4,375   
olive-green and yellow plaid knapsack 1,875   
pear-green linen knapsack with an appliqued pink cow 1,875   
cloth-of-gold backpack trimmed with white fur 12,500   
fuchsia felt rucksack with a with an appliqued prancing unicorn 1,250   
leopard-skin backpack with brown leather straps 4,375   
bright yellow sailcloth rucksack painted with a black zombie 1,250   
metallic blue taffeta knapsack with a pink topaz clasp 6,250   
violet oilcloth backpack embroidered with a prancing unicorn 1,875   
fuchsia leather knapsack 3,750   
mauve felt backpack with appliqued centaurs on the front 1,875   
cloth-of-silver knapsack with lime-green leather straps 5,000   
lime green brocade knapsack embroidered in gold thread 1,875   
crimson wool backpack with bright green pinstriping 1,250   
black lace-covered backpack with white straps 4,375   
snow-white satin backpack with puce straps 2,500   
orange and puce plaid knapsack 1,875   
scarlet velvet knapsack with orange flames worked on the leather straps 5,000   
orange brocade knapsack with a skull clasp 1,875   
pus-green sackcloth rucksack with a giant white hand on the back 1,250   


[Tastelessly Tacky, Clothing]
Pink painted walls enclose a wooden floor stained purple. A bright blue table stands in the middle of the room, displaying various clothing items for sale, with an orange and purple painted chest next to it.
You also see a lemon-yellow mannequin with several things on it, a fuchsia table with several things on it, a glitter-covered shelf with several things on it and a magenta rack with several things on it.
Obvious exits: southwest, west.

Behind the lemon-yellow mannequin
Item Price Done
gold padded gloves with turned back cuffs 150,000   No
On the fuchsia table
Item Price Done
dark plum worsted dress trimmed with pink ribbons 18,750   
purple wool surcoat trimmed with white velvet 6,250   
green felt hat shaped like a pear 6,250   
green-yellow silk doublet with slashed sleeves 50,000   
gold poplin robe with pink lace at the cuffs and neckline 500   
pink cotton nightgown with purple ribbon ties 1,250   
pair of pale puce leather boots 375   
blood-red muslin cloak with a gold silk lining 12,500   
green and red plaid socks embroidered with gold coins 6,250   
rust-colored felt slippers with stuffed beaver heads on the front 3,750   
On the glitter-covered shelf
Item Price Done
doeskin breeches with purple suede patches on the knees 6,250   
brilliant green muslin bonnet trimmed with gold lace 1,875   
gold tissue coif trimmed with purple braid 3,750   
painted burlap gown 3,750   
bright blue knitted gloves with orange stripes 2,500   
purple doeskin hat with a bright yellow feather 1,250   
yellow-green brocade skirt with a brown leather belt 6,250   
dull orange satin satin slops 3,750   
dark purple muslin vest embroidered with tiny gold coins 9,375   
polka-dotted knitted hat with a large yarn ball on top 2,500   
dusty rose gossamer skirt with purple fringe 3,750   
cyan felt tunic with large stars on the front and back 6,250   
slate-grey taffeta cloak trimmed with orange braid 2,500   
lime-green satin jacket lined with lilac silk 6,250   
oilcloth cloak painted with a bright orange owl 6,250   
On the magenta rack
Item Price Done
pair of bright orange leather sandals 375   
swamp-green duchess satin doublet with slashed sleeves 1,500,000   !!
shell-pink velvet cloak with a white satin lining 12,500   !!
crimson velvet surcoat trimmed with white ermine fur 6,250   
salmon felt buskins with silver organza appliques 3,750   !!
crimson oilcloth hat with a purple ostrich feather plume 6,250   !!
lavender flannel nightgown patterned with bright yellow tarts 1,250   
maroon silk cassock stitched with black panthers 12,500   No
fiery orange damask dress trimmed with silver braid 18,750   
On the blue table
Item Price Done
pair of striped hose with russet and green stripes 2,500   
pair of ichor-green pants with red trim 625   !!
pair of crepe pantaloons dyed deep brown 3,750   !!
sapphire-colored brocade vest 3,750   !!
olive velvet vest 5,000   !!
pair of tangerine pants with purple stripes 1,875   
pink wool hat 1,875   
golden-yellow felt jacket 6,250   !!
off-white cassock with purple fringe 2,125   !!
pair of coral velvet pantaloons 10,000   !!
umber velvet cloak 12,500   !!
aquamarine lawn chemise 2,500   
lilac wool shirt 1,875   !!
icy blue silk gown with purple dots 3,750   !!
pair of calico-covered clogs with purple trim 1,875