Water Tunnel Race

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Water Tunnel Race
Event Hollow Eve Festival 436
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Game
This store only accepts Kronars


In Progress...
This game is free to play.

There are 10 different races (9 for points and 1 for practice) that run for 6 minutes each. Each race will have different criteria to score higher by collecting a specific items. To get a feel for how to run through the course, use the Heat 0 for practice. To tell which heat the game is on, READ SCORECARD or HELP HEAT.

To join in the game, go archway and then move north. You will get warnings up to 30 seconds in advance on when a heat is about to start, along with which heat # it is. For example:

An official calls out, "30 seconds! Heat 8 starts in 30 seconds!"

Game Rules

A large sign reads:
"HELP HEAT will tell you which heat is currently being run, and what you need to gather to score in the heat.  HELP MAP will show you a map of the course.  HELP RULES will explain the rules of the race, and, if you're in the race course, HELP SCORE will tell you how you're doing.  When you are ready to begin the race, go through the arch, then north to the starting gate."
Water Tunnel Races!
[Note other important options - HELP HEAT, HELP SCORE and HELP MAP]

To heal our island, we require ingredients from the caverns.  Festival-goers may help, at the same time they test their skill at navigation on a wild and wet water slide.  The rules are simple:

1. The races take place inside an underground flume system.  You can move from the bottom to the top of the tunnels simply by taking a quick walk up the path from the tunnel exit.  After each race, take this way back up again.  When at the top of the mountain, simply enter the stream and you will wait there for the race to begin.

2. There will be 10 heats in this race.  Each heat has a unique goal associated with gathering items which line the walls of the tunnel.  At various places there are horseshoe crabs, pearls and other items waiting to be pried free.  This is generally easy, unless you are going too fast.

At the start of the race you will be given the goal for that heat.  For example: Collect all phosphorescent moss.  Or: Collect one of each item.  You will be supplied with an offical, water-resistant collecting bag to carry these items.  To see the contents of the pouch at any time, just type HELP SCORE.  To get details about each heat, type HELP HEAT.

Each heat lasts 6 minutes.  Your score is adjusted for leaving the tunnels before the end of the race.  If you don't make it to the end before the time limit, a huge wall of water will rush through the tunnel and wash you out.  You will receive only a fraction of your score.

3. The scores of each heat are cumulative.  You can only be scored once per heat, as the races will run throughout the duration of the festival.  This will allow you to race at your leisure instead of having to do all heats in a row.

Points are assigned as follows:

  1st place: 25 points
  2nd place: 15 points
  3rd place:  8 points
  4th place:  5 points
  5th place:  2 points

NOTE:  You must return to the top of the mountain at the end of each race to participate in the next heat.  If you want to take a break and return to the races later, you can simply return to the starting gate whenever you wish.


To control your movement within the race course, lean left or right.  To slow down, lean forward.  To speed up, lean back.

The tunnel races begin at the start of the festival and will continue until about two hours prior to the closing festivities.  At that time, the top scorers will receive their points on the main board.

For more help, try HELP HEAT, HELP MAP and HELP SCORE
Each heat lasts 6 minutes.
Race is currently in heat #<number>, which is now underway.

Heats possible:
  0: No items gathered - (Also no scoring this heat.)
  1: All items  (points are halved)
  2: Starfish only
  3: Phosphorescent moss only
  4: Scallop shells only
  5: Grey pearls only
  6: Strands of seaweed only
  7: Horseshoe crabs only
  8: Scallop shells and Phosphorescent moss only (points doubled)
  9: Strands of seaweed, Grey pearls and Starfish only (points doubled)

Heats you've been scored on:
  1  2  3  4  5  6  7  8  9   

Total score: 20.
Note: You may only receive a score once per heat.

Course Map

Use LEAN LEFT or LEAN RIGHT to shift course, LEAN FORWARD to slow down and LEAN BACK to speed up.
This ASCII map can be retrieved by typing HELP MAP:

         /   \
        *     * *-*-X
       /|     |/   \
      X *     *     *
       / \   /      |\
  *-*-*   * *       * *
 /   /    | |      /   \
*   *     * *     *     *
|  /     /   \    |     |
* *   *-*     *-A *     *
| |  /   \   /    |    /|
* * *     *-*     *-*-* X
| | |            /    |
* * *           *     *
 \ \ \          |     |\
  * * *-*-*-*   *     X *
  | |    \   \   \      |\
  * *     *   *-* *     * X
 /   \    |\     \ \    |
* *-* *   * X     * *   *
|/   \ \  |        \|   |
*     * * * X       *   *
|     | | |  \      |  /|
*     * * * *-*     * X *
 \   /   \|/   \   / \  |
  *-*     *     *-*   * *
  | |     |     |     | |
  * *     *     *-*   * *
 /|\ \   / \   /   \  | |
* * * *-*   *-*     * * *
| |  \     / /      | |/|
* X   *-*-* *       * * X
 \          |       | |
  *   *-*-* *       * *
   \ /     \|      / /|
    *       *     *-* X
    |        \   /
    B         *-*
A .. Starting Gate
B .. Finish
X .. Wash-Out!  (start over . . . not always bad!)

On the Course

When you are just out the gate, your first room will look like:

The starting gate swings open.  You're off!
[Island of Andreshlew, Water Tunnel Racecourse]
As you rush into the water tunnels, the light from outside begins to fade.  You realize that perhaps by leaning left or right, you can control your direction.

From here, you will want to control your movement using the LEAN LEFT or LEAN RIGHT commands. If you are on a point-scoring heat, watch as the rooms go by for the items you need in the description. For example:

[Island of Andreshlew, Water Tunnel Racecourse]
The journey seems to take forever as you splash your way down the tunnel.  Horseshoe crabs scurry back and forth along a rocky outcrop.

If you find yourself at one of the whirlpool terminus spots, you'll be taken back to the start room:

You are suddenly sucked into a whirlpool!  You struggle to hold your breath as you are buffeted this way and that by powerful currents, until you are suddenly washed into another tunnel . . .
[Island of Andreshlew, Water Tunnel Racecourse]
As you rush into the water tunnels, the light from outside begins to fade.  You realize that perhaps by leaning left or right, you can control your direction.

Starting at 4 minutes, you'll get 30 second warnings to the time remaining:

You hear the voice of a race official calling out, "Two minute warning!"

If you have not made it to the end of the course by the time your 6 minutes are up, you'll be washed out of the course by a wave of water:

A sudden gush of water comes from behind you, and washes you helplessly through the tube!  You scrunch your eyes shut and pray that you'll survive, as the wave carries you through the tunnels, past branches and inlets with mind-numbing speed.

Suddenly you see daylight, and find yourself flying through the air only to land with a *SPLASH* in the lake down at the bottom of the mountain.
[Underground Caverns, Quiet Lake]
Water gushes out of an opening in the cave wall overhead, falling about fifty feet into a chilly underground lake.  The cavern sparkles as light plays off the water and the tiny crystals imbedded its walls.  A steep winding pathway leads upward to the north.  You also see a scoreboard.
Obvious exits: up.
A race official calls out, "Heat 0 has ended!  Next heat in 4 minutes!"

Hollow Eve Festival 436 Prizes

This game didn't seem to give anything from the universal prize pool.

Game-Specific Prizes

Nothing here, either!