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Siegery Shop
Event Hollow Eve Festival 436, Hollow Eve Festival 439, Hollow Eve Festival 443
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Games shops, Container shops, Toy shops, Siegery shops
This store only accepts Kronars


[Siegery Shop, Soldiers]
Detailed maps of Ilithi's different roads and towns are painted on the walls. The largest map depicts the city of Shard and the deep blue of the lake around it. Two long tables of polished wood fill the floor space, while a thick black rug spreads from corner to corner.
You also see a sandy arch leading out of the castle and a polished table of ironwood with several things on it.
Obvious exits: east.

On the ironwood table
Item Price Done
miniature Merelew spearwoman figurine dressed in green gold armor 1,212,500   
miniature Merelew bowman figurine wielding an ayabere longbow 1,212,500   
miniature grey-scaled Merelew healer figurine dressed in white seasilk robes 900,000   
miniature Merelew merchant figurine wearing an oceanmist satin dress 562,500   
miniature Merelew woodsman figurine carrying an iroko walking staff 1,000,000   
miniature Diplomat Cotovatre figurine 437,500   
miniature Speaker Kolanem figurine 4,500,000   
miniature Princess Amythiel figurine 312,500   
miniature King Galpelus figurine 625,000   
On the polished table
Item Price Done
miniature Aluna figurine riding a giant sea turtle 1,562,500   
miniature Drogor figurine 562,500   
miniature Eluned figurine 562,500   
miniature Lemicus figurine 562,500   
miniature Hollow Eve Greeter figurine 62,500   
miniature Captain Kurmin figurine 125,000   
miniature concerned arachnologist figurine 62,500   
miniature agitated businessman figurine 62,500   

Castles and Cases

[Siegery Shop, Castles and Cases]
Rendered in precise detail upon the walls are maps of Therengia's cities and towns. Stately Therenborough takes up a whole wall, complete with an inner view of The Keep's hallways and rooms. A trio of black tables rest upon a matching rug.
Obvious exits: west.

On the wood table
Item Price Done
miniature tomiek burrow covered in aldamdin webbing 875,000   
miniature pit filled with mechanical muracite snakes 250,000   
miniature alerce siren perched atop a haralun rock 812,500   
miniature witch figurine sitting upon a glitvire broom 1,562,500   
miniature mechanical war mammoth carrying a bandolier of firework canisters 437,500   
On the black table
Item Price Done
night black case covered in worn and faded decals 62,500   
kelpzyte-banded repair case made of shiplap driftwood boards 1,187,500   
ayabere repair case with a coralite hasp 1,375,000   
black seasilk repair case with impressive tomiek spikes 1,087,500   
sturdy turtleplait repair case resembling a libation caddy 112,500   
On the painted table
Item Price Done
miniature island covered in sandstone and pearl buildings 250,000   
miniature mechanical spider 187,500   
heavily fortified warship with a tamboti figurehead 1,312,500   
miniature clockwork sandcastle comprised of crushed rivertear 625,000   
miniature sandstone palace featuring large onion-domed towers 250,000