This Little Piggy (6)

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This Little Piggy
Event Hollow Eve Festival 436, Hollow Eve Festival 439
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Container shops, Jewelry shops, Pet shops
This store only accepts Kronars

Stayed Home

[This Little Piggy, Stayed Home]
Bright green paint creates lush hills of soft-looking grasses upon the walls. A few trees dapple the rolling fields giving shade for the many hogs that are depicted frolicking, napping or nibbling from silver platters. A pack of proud peccary appear to have taken control over one of the hills and a slightly larger brown swine is perched at the peak while wearing a shiny silver crown. Set in the middle of the room are brightly polished wooden tables. A doorway carved with yet more pigs leads out of the shop.
You also see a rusted wagon and a porcine pink building painted with dancing pigs.
Obvious exits: west.

On the blackwood table
Item Price Done
shimmery spun glitter starfish speckled with rose gold sequins 150,000   
lustrous watersilk narwhal with a spiraled coralite horn 1,112,500   
squishy blue octopus with scalene tentacles 1,562,500   
miniature felted wool ship with wispy sails of windstorm gossamer 2,062,500   
large nautilus shell composed of coiled turtleplait 193,125   
On the silverwood table
Item Price Done
portable orichalcum-framed cire lobster trap dangling a defunct tamboti buoy 1,312,500   
iroko-framed shaman's bodhran with coralite-caught thin pigskin drumheads 3,943,125   
plump mixed materials whale with whisperlayne baleen obscuring its gaped maw 1,187,500   
artisanally crafted coastal saltmarsh miniature 475,000   
kelpzyte-framed swine smuggler's crate modified by misty satin privacy panels 2,312,500   

Went To Market

[This Little Piggy, Went To Market]
A mural takes over all four walls, its pictures showing a bustling marketplace full of colorfully painted stalls draped with ribbons. Instead of the usual customers, the streets are full of pigs in all sizes and hues with their backs supporting shopping baskets and bags. On one side of the room, an actual grapefruit-pink stall is built to look like a dresser of drawers, each one a different metal.
Obvious exits: east.

In the bronze drawer
Item Price Done
peculiar black gold crown sculpted into a cauldron of fruit bats 343,750   
black leather harness flaunting massive bat wings 93,750   
fuzzy black bodysuit composed of dragonar 2,625,000   
black gold earrings shaped like tiny fruit bats 150,000   
In the silver drawer
Item Price Done
red silk pirate shirt laced with thin black cords 18,750   
thick gold hoop earrings 31250   
heavy leather harness covered in great shaggy black hides 62,500   
polished bone mask wire-bound in silver 18,750   
In the gold drawer
Item Price Done
overfed avian bodysuit shrouded in plumage 312,500   
lapis-hued glaes standing collar draped in an abundance of fluffy heron feathers 3,437,500   
net earrings displaying a tiny sea turtle shell and a mismatched mole skeleton 4,187,500   
imperious heron hat casting a seemingly judgmental glare over its goldwood beak 2,187,500   
In the platinum drawer
Item Price Done
inky blue octopus costume curtained in sinuous spun glitter tentacles 262,500   
sinuous necklace shaped like a mass of coiled tentacles 43,750   
silver tentacle earrings 12,500   
towering indigo wig with a gloomwood galleon entangled in its powdered tresses 43,750