Ahreusse's Atelier (5)

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Ahreusse's Atelier
Event Hollow Eve Festival 436
Owner Ahreusse
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Jewelry shops, Container shops
This store only accepts Kronars

Adroit Artistry

[Ahreusse's Atelier, Adroit Artistry]
Spotless mirrors line the metal walls here in order to trick the eye into visualizing a much larger and grander establishment. On every shelf and in every case, dazzling jewels vie for customers' attention. Though the merchandise is set out neatly, a fine coating of glittering grit has built up on every surface, covering the dingy steel pipes and tarnished iron floor in sparkling contrast.
You also see an arched silver-banded door and a shimmering silk curtain.
Obvious exits: none.

On the shelves
Item Price Done
iridescent beetle charm with black wire legs 31,250   
tiny white mouse charm with a curled wire tail 3,125   
pine cone charm of brown and tan dusted with silver 21,875   
cloisonne acorn charm in shades of amber and gold 15,625   
delicate maple leaf charm of silver wire and bright red glass 18,750   
On the small rack
Item Price Done
pink and white teapot charm 18,750   
tiny cloisonne espresso charm in a matte platinum cup 15,625   
tiny tart charm topped with a ruby strawberry 21,875   
delicate gold croissant charm 3,125   
tiny oatmeal cookie charm with onyx chip raisins 31,250   

Artist's Alcove (Estate Holder-only)

[Ahreusse's Atelier, Artist's Alcove]
Resting against one wall is a modest workbench with a neat rack above it. A handful of finished products is placed atop the rack, apparently set aside for perhaps a final approval or polishing. Further seating is provided by a simple wooden stool opposite the workbench.
You also see a shimmering silk curtain and a velvet-draped tray with several things on it.
Obvious exits: none.

On the velvet-draped rack
Item Price Done
loimic locket bearing a raised skeleton of aldamdin - "All decays but my heart for you." 1,250,000   
black gold stickpin set with a single blood ruby - "My heart is pinioned where you fell." 150,000   
black gold badge bordered with blood rubies - "The hole in my heart is all that remains." 625,000   
elaborate cameo carved of midnight-blue stura atulave framed in aldamdin - "Left without your presence, I will hold your place." 775,000   
white gold brooch cradling an oval of murky crystal - "Seasons change, but my remembrance of you remains." 125,000   
On the velvet-draped tray
Item Price Done
These have short poems inscribed on them
coiling gold serpent armband holding a glass sphere in its jaws 312,500   
gold and jet ring inlaid with a delicate floral motif 231,250   
gold-trimmed cameo of handsomely carved jet 437,500   
simple gold wristcuff set with a jet-framed glass window 312,500   
gold locket crafted to resemble a rectangular frame 281,250