Sketchy By Design (9)

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Sketchy by Design
Event Hollow Eve Festival 436
Owner Unknown
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Thief shops, Container shops
This store only accepts Kronars


[Sketchy By Design, Gallery]
Polished red oak sheathes the walls and floor of this spacious room. Several paintings and sketches adorn the walls, their steady line broken only by a full-length mirror and the painted black door leading into the artist's workshop.
You also see the exit and a gap behind the mirror.
Obvious exits: northeast.


[Sketchy By Design, Supplies]
Polished red oak sheathes the walls and floor of this spacious room. Various jars and trays sit on a table along the back wall, each filled to overflowing with writing utensils.
You also see a small silver rack with several things on it and a simple wooden easel with a couple of things on it.
Obvious exits: southwest.

On the silver rack
Item Price Done
textured sheet of paper dappled with iridescent raindrops 3,375   No
sheet of foggy grey paper stamped with wispy white clouds 3,375   !!
sheet of parchment paper framed within a border of criss-crossed tridents 3,375   !!
shimmery sheet of pink paper edged in silver glitter 3,375   !!
thin sheet of paper traced with a honeycomb pattern 3,375   !!
On the glass tray
Item Price Done
gloomwood stylus with an intricately carved silversteel tip 137,500   
glittery coralite stylus shaped like a slender trident 1,000,000   
black feather quill with a thin demonbone nib 31,250   !!
sleek writing quill tipped with a long nightingale feather 37,500   !!
aldamdin-tipped albatross feather quill 31,250   !!
On the simple wooden easel
Item Price Done
somber ironwood-framed painting 197,818   
stately alerce-framed painting 531,250   


[Sketchy by Design, Backroom]
Polished red oak sheathes the walls and floor of this spacious room. Various wares sit on a table along the back wall, each filled to overflowing.
You also see a narrow stand, a crystal tray with several things on it, a gap leading back to the gallery and a polished brass pole with several things on it.
Obvious exits: none.

On the display caddy
Item Price Done
silver-hued keyblank 6,292   
golden-hued keyblank 12,500   
soft iron keyblank 125   
ivory keyblank 1,062   
platinum-hued keyblank 26,256   
soapstone keyblank 187   
ironwood keyblank 750   
pewter keyblank 750   
mother-of-pearl keyblank 875   
bronze keyblank 375   
On the small box
Item Price Done
Dirt Stackers
perfumer's sample vial decorated with lustrous goldleaf 56,250   
sailor's brass compass with a windsteel fob 56,250   
cartographer's sketching kit covered in a map of Qi'Reshalia 40,000   !!
fisherman's bait bag 40,000   
baker's rosewood recipe box carved with a fork and knife 37,500   
On the crystal tray
Item Price Done
These lockpick stackers hold 25 lockpicks. Price based on rare materials.
coralite lockpick ring wrought like a leaping Glacian sea dragon 3,000,000   !!
compact lockpick case stamped with a depiction of the Darkfell Abyss 3,750,000   !!
small circular darkspine lockpick case featuring clockwork mechanisms 312,500   !!
triangular lockpick case inlaid with an Idon's sapphire heron 2,812,500   !!
bloodwood lockpick ring shaped like a flock of butcherbirds 62,500   !!
On the brass pole
Item Price Done
These pouches hold 75 trap components
lustrous cire pouch strewn with night diamond stars 687,500   No
black satin pouch with a bloodlace overlay 562,500   No
sumptuous gemfire velvet pouch with braided nightsilk ties 1,025,000   No
jaalmin locksmith's pouch embroidered with tiny keys 500,000   No
dragonar merchant's pouch clasped with an Elamiri sapphire 812,500   No