Eye Spy (5)

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Eye Spy
Event Hollow Eve Festival 436, Hollow Eve Festival 439
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops
This store only accepts Kronars

Eye Spy

[Eye Spy]
Little more than a closet, this tiny room is lit by what can only charitably called a chandelier -- a simple chain hanging from the ceiling supporting a dirty and chipped lantern. Two large and bizarre clusters of mannequin heads display spectacles for sale.
You also see a goblet of bacon-flavored milk and a rounded driftwood door.
Obvious exits: none.

On the flamethorn heads
Item Price Done
Shows in Features
pair of pink coralite cat-eye spectacles flecked with gold striations 1,549,917   !!
pair of cardioid-shaped pistachio-green epidote-rimmed spectacles 7,875   !!
pair of horned spectacles made from lovat-hued moon pearl segments 812,500   !!
pair of cubiform grey demonbone spectacles with iron hinges 68,750   !!
pair of segmented demonbone spectacles with a hendecagon shaped frame 68,750   !!
pair of black steel cat-eye spectacles studded with tiny taigo chips 10,625   !!
pair of ovoid quad-hued gloomglass-rimmed spectacles 157,342   !!
On the kapok heads
Item Price Done
Shows in Features
pair of thick goggles with a mottled goose turd-hued turtleplait rim 65,000   !!
pair of glossy grey dolphin skin lined goggles with gold dolphin-shaped buckles 292,888   !!
pair of white bone goggles with thick etched lenses 127,497   !!
pair of eggplant-hued leather goggles with two circular silver buckles 43,040   !!
pair of segmented bright azure ayabere goggles with gold sphenoid-shaped buckles 93,750   !!
pair of niveous helei leather goggles with grey jade buckles 437,500   !!
pair of nubiform-shaped zuzaret goggles resembling lenticular clouds 347,555   !!
pair of ooidal-shaped white uthamar goggles 1,090,402   !!