Birds of a Feather (5)

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Birds of a Feather
Event Hollow Eve Festival 436, Hollow Eve Festival 439
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Clothing shops, Jewelry shops, Juggling shops, Container shops
This store only accepts Kronars


[Birds of a Feather, Showroom]
Feather fuzz covers every inch of the dark wooden floor, and each step one takes kicks some of the stuff into the air to float lazily before finding a new surface to cling to. A stout wooden table bearing folded clothing for sale sits imposingly in the middle of the sales floor, though at a slight off-center angle. Along one end of the room, wooden poles and jewelry trees lean precariously against one another and the walls. A cloak rack and a wooden mannequin with a cardinal's head stand together on the other side of the shop, partially obscuring a recessed alcove.
You also see a tilted mannequin with a blue jay's head with several things on it and a dented iron door.
Obvious exits: none.

On the wooden mannequin
Item Price Done
pair of black suede boots with bright red cuffs 1,941   
pair of scarlet pants secured at each cuff with a delicate gold feather button 4,296   
gold bracelet with a dangling feather charm 13,858   
golden silk shirt embroidered with bright red feathers 27,440   
thick scarlet cloak bearing golden feathers in embroidery and beadwork 13,858   
pair of gold feather earrings set with tiny rubies 11,780   
scarlet tricorn hat accented with brilliant red feathers 3,603   
On the tilted mannequin
Item Price Done
pair of silver thigh boots adorned with frolicking blue birds at the cuffs 175   
beaded silver skirt decorated with embroidered blue feathers 200   
blue macrame belt sporting a tuft of silver feathers 3   
wide silver ring inset with a sapphire 18   
silver wrist cuff engraved with curling feathers 5   
loose-cut blue shirt with feather-shaped buttons 1   
leather cord strung with dangling silver feathers 31   
silver cloak embellished with a cascading blue feather motif 250   
pair of silver feather earrings inset with small sapphires 18   
bright blue beret sporting several silver pinions at a jaunty angle 7   
On the cloak rack
Item Price Done
hooded yellow cloak fashioned from wool 12,500   
hooded black and orange cloak crafted from overlapping silk strips 12,500   
grey hooded cloak lined with scarlet silk 12,500   
silken long cloak festooned with peacock plumes 8,750   
white cloak completely covered with downy feathers 8,750   
sky blue cloak with wings made of white feathers sewn on the back 5,960   
hooded cloak made entirely of black feathers 9,077   
On the wooden table
Item Price Done
lilac wool cassock embroidered with silver birds along the hemline 2,500   
pair of black wool pants with birds embroidered on the outer seams 6,875   
loose-cut white linen shirt with a high collar 5,625   
cream blouse adorned with puffy black feathers at the collar 14,412   
brocade vest with a motif of phoenixes in flight 59,590   
loose-cut black cotton shirt with a high collar 1,691   
pair of iridescent pants made entirely of blue-black feathers 17,323   
pair of straight-legged pants with a column of embroidered birds up each side 2,772   
ruffled brown skirt embellished with a peacock made of feathers and beads 18,708   
On the jewelry tree
Item Price Done
wide gold bracelet engraved with hawks in flight 500   
pair of silver earrings shaped like owls 500   
gold necklace with a dangling seagull pendant 4,375   
pair of parrot cufflinks inlaid with enameled feathers 9,375   
pair of golden earrings fashioned as tiny canaries 62,500   
pair of platinum earrings shaped like ravens 62,500   
pair of platinum raven cufflinks 62,500   
pair of golden wren cufflinks inset with rubies 5,405   
pair of silver vulture cufflinks 1,663   
short necklace of colored glass beads shaped like various birds 971   
thick leather necklace bearing a green feather charm 153   
twisted leather necklace strung with feathers dyed copper and amber 471   
fine silver necklace strung with tiny copper and silver feather charms 2,772   
gold necklace with a long amethyst feather pendant 4,435   
On the wooden pole
Item Price Done
crimson silk scarf embroidered with ravens in flight 1,500   
creamy lawn shawl with tiny silver bird-shaped beads along the edges 562   
red wool shawl embroidered with ravens in flight 937   
lacy black scarf embroidered with silver bird outlines 1,580   
thick and downy grey scarf 1,005   
bright yellow shawl edged with black feathers 1,005   
feather-lined turquoise shawl blanketed with clear glass beads 4,157   

Recessed Alcove

[Birds of a Feather, Recessed Alcove]
A number of copper bird cages line the wall of the alcove, the birds inside creating a cacophony of whistles and shrieks. Molted plumage flutters down from the captive animals, but the shop's owner has thoughtfully kept all merchandise as far from the cages as possible. A glass display case, a low table, and a tall crate huddle together, while several blunt hooks and a pegboard mounted on the wall above offer various pouches and containers for sale.
You also see the showroom.
Obvious exits: none.

In the glass display case
Item Price Done
"These little ornaments are designed to wear in the hair. They are nearly as good as having a real bird in there!"
swatch of bright peacock feathers 750   
beaded string tipped with a fuzzy brown feather 212   
black diamond of feathers bearing two red eyes 3,875   
intricate sparrow woven of silver wire 500   
string of dangling glass feathers 375   
poof of yellow and black plumage 287   
On the wooden pegboard
Item Price Done
white dove pouch 2,875   
feathered pouch shaped like a canary 2,875   
suede pouch shaped like a gidii 2,875   
small leather pouch shaped like a chicken 2,875   
bright turquoise peacock backpack adorned with feathers 9,750   
long leather sheath with blue and black feathers tied to the throat 1,000   
black lacquered quiver inlaid with mother-of-pearl doves 5,000   
On the low table
Item Price Done
oak cigar case carved with running gidii 3,875   
walnut cigar case etched with stylized feathers 3,875   
cherrywood cigar case carved with a pair of wings 3,875   
ironwood cigar case inset with silver and emeralds 20,625   
ebon cigar case bearing a gold leaf phoenix 12,125   
In the tall crate
Item Price Done
colorful feather balls 2,500   
yellowing and chipped bird skulls 2,000   
stuffed birds with ribbons tied around their feet 5,000   
round birds covered in feathers 4,375   
black stone ravens with ruby eyes 10,625   
white and black stone hawks 5,000   
On the blunt hooks
Item Price Done
feathered gem pouch shaped like a chubby owl 750   
plush gem pouch embroidered with feathers 312