Leftovers (5)

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Event Hollow Eve Festival 436
Owner Buzwell
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Armor shops, Container shops, Food shops, Miscellaneous shops, Tack shops, Weapon shops
This store only accepts Kronars

No attempt has been made to cover or decorate the bare metal walls. Even the opening where a door should be set has been left unaltered. Little more effort has been put into the merchandise displays, which appear to have been unceremoniously dumped in the room.
You also see a rusty hole with a sign mounted beside it, a round basket, a small travel trunk with a note on it, an improvised stand with a walking stick made of a long thigh bone on it, a simple bedroll unrolled on the floor with a few things on it, a dead peccary with several things on it, a dead damaska boar with several things on it, a dead goblin with several things on it and a dead ogre with several things on it.
Obvious exits: none.

A sign reads:
"Custom work done on an as-available basis.  I only work with bone, antler, horn, ivory and similar substances.  Rarer materials must be provided. --Master Crafter Buzwell"
In the small travel trunk
Item Price Done
dark leather grooming kit with a clasp of intricately carved bone - Contains a small mirror framed in carved bone, some clippers with smooth bone handles, a bone-handled hair brush carved with a hunting scene and a razor with a carved handle of polished bone 11250   !!
sturdy canvas horse-grooming pouch with a carved antler clasp - Contains an antler-handled stiff brush, an antler-handled mane and tail brush, a bone-handled hoof pick and an antler-handled curry comb 10000   !!
light suede vanity case with a scrimshaw ivory clasp - Contains a string of intricately carved ivory beads, an ivory-handled hair brush engraved with a leafless tree, a small mirror with a masterfully engraved ivory frame and a tiny ivory earring box with elaborate openwork carving 31250   !!
You may OPEN the items in this trunk to see what is inside each.
In the round basket
Item Price Done
horse-apples 1250   !!
On the dead peccary
Item Price Done
bloodstained bone chanfron mounted with a pair of long horns 6000   !!!!
bloodstained bone crupper 28750   !!!!
bloodstained bone peytrel 28750   !!!!
bloodstained bone flanchard 112500   !!!!
bloodstained bone crinnet 4000   !!!!
Bone barding (horse armor).
On the improvised stand
Item Price Done
walking stick made of a long thigh bone 1875   !!
On the simple bedroll unrolled on the floor
Item Price Done
curved machete with a bone handle 1187   
small bone vial 568   !!
bone-handled scalpel with an obsidian blade 500   
bone-handled razor 437   !!
long bone sheath 550   !!
On the dead goblin
Item Price Done
yellowed bone greaves 153125   !!!!
yellowed bone mask 154125   !!!!
yellowed bone gauntlets with an engraved scene 153906   !!!!
yellowed bone armor 175000   !!!!
yellowed bone skullcap 164812   !!!!
Bone armor.
On the dead damaska boar
Item Price Done
blackened bone chanfron surmounted by a pair of long curved horns 6000   !!!!
blackened bone crinnet with spiked horns along the crest 4000   !!!!
blackened bone flanchard 112500   !!!!
blackened bone peytrel 28750   !!!!
blackened bone crupper 28750   !!!!
Bone barding (horse armor).
On the dead ogre
Item Price Done
crimson bone greaves 153125   !!!!
crimson bone gauntlets with dark encrusted talons 153906   !!!!
crimson bone throwing hammer 165000   
crimson bone mask fringed with horned spikes 155187   !!!!
crimson bone armor 175000   !!!!
Bone armor.