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Rooms: 4

The Gallaenia is a ship that was provided by the Provincial Bank of Zoluren during the the first Feast of Eluned, the second Feast of Eluned and Hollow Eve when held on Andreshlew. The ship remained at the Andreshlew Docks during the length of the festivals and allowed for players to withdraw and deposit currency.

[The Gallaenia, Fore Deck]
Deobar railings decorated with carved dolphins separate the polished ebonwood deck from the sea. Rising from the central cabin is the ship's tall ironwood mast, standing with sails furled. Access aft is provided by a pair of narrow walkways leading around the cabin, while a locked deobar gate blocks further forward progress. A lone Halfling crewman works to apply a new coat of oil and wax to the deck. You also see a staircase and the Merelew docks.
Obvious paths: south.

[The Gallaenia, Aft Deck]
Carved deobar railings decorated with leaping dolphins line the deck. Overhead an awning provides shelter for the crew to relax under. The captain, who is sitting in an ebonwood chair inlaid with bits of shell and carved with flowers, watches five of the Halfling crew play a game of cards. Hanging from the ship's wheel is a wine flask. Forward access is provided by two walkways that lead around the main cabin. The sound of waves provides a contrast to the calls of the crewmen.
Obvious paths: north.

[The Gallaenia, Main Lounge]
The silverwood wall panels are covered in fine sea foam-colored silks. Around the room are couches decorated with carved motifs of shells, and covered in dark blue brocade. Cedar tables, with chairs of ebonwood inlaid with bits of shell and covered in leather, are available for people to meet take up much of the remaining space. The silver candleholders are all shaped like deobar trees. You also see a staircase and a silverwood door.
Obvious exits: none.

[The Gallaenia, Purser's Office]
A large maple desk decorated with carved yaks and inlaid with the seal of the Zoluren Traders' Guild fills the office. Seated at the desk, the purser is sorting notes into the pigeonholes. Through the door of the next room can be seen Moon Mages holding open a moongate. You also see a neatly painted sign, the exchange rate board and a silverwood door.
Obvious exits: none.