Finer Things (5)

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The Finer Things
Event Hollow Eve Festival 436, Hollow Eve Festival 439, Hollow Eve Festival 443
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Jewelry shops, Clothing shops
This store only accepts Kronars

Front Room

[The Finer Things, Front Room]
The room is lavishly floored with durian buffed to a brilliant sheen while a perfume bottle chandelier hangs from above illuminating the opulent coral walls with a warm glow. A shelf of brushed platinum faces an intricately carved chest, each carefully placed to subtly catch the light upon their showcased wares. Taking the central focal point of the room is a glass counter wrapped in strands of seashells and adorned with purposely placed jars of brightly glowing gaethzen.
You also see a velvet-covered box with several things on it and a door.
Obvious exits: east, southwest.

On the velvet-covered box
Item Price Done
polished darkstone oath ring etched with twining sea serpents 431,250   
knife-edged oath ring set with wraithhearts 368,750   
brushed silver oath ring braced with a pair of rivertears 493,125   
aldamdin oath ring cradling a crystal hourglass 187,500   
In the carved chest
Item Price Done
charred gloomwood cufflinks edged in tyrium 220,937   
merlot ruby cufflinks mounted in darkstone 529,468   
pair of dagger-shaped cufflinks hilted with blood rubies 568,750   
lustrous silversteel cufflinks inset with black riftstones 1,312,500   
On the shelf
Item Price Done
glass trinket box framed in kelpzyte 562,500   
sarcophagus-shaped gloomwood trinket box 25,000   
hexagonal iroko trinket box 125,000   
intricate tamboti trinket box 112,500   

Back Room

[The Finer Things, Back Room]
The opulence of the shop is carried into this room, but with a more casual setting. Sun bleached coral walls are draped in pastel-tinted whisperlayne interwoven with soft glowing lights that help to highlight the salt-stained durian floors. Reclaimed wood and expensive fabrics combine to create the chests and whitewashed shelves used to display the wares in the cozy area.
You also see a velvet-covered box with several things on it and a door.
Obvious exits: west.

On the silk-covered chest
Item Price Done
lustrous copper cire shirt buttoned with polished kelpzyte 2,046,875   
tailored navy shirt with a lavishly embroidered yoke 2,709,375   
exquisitely tailored shirt composed of black seasilk 2,584,375   
pale grey armure shirt with a crisply starched collar 1,019,250   
On the leather-covered chest
Item Price Done
deep brown hunting breeches belted with cire 296,925   
handsomely tailored dueling breeches 155,625   
black thornweave breeches secured with darkstone buttons 2,071,875   
dusky charcoal breeches composed of westan wool 143,750   
On the wooden shelf
Item Price Done
billowing zibeline greatcloak dyed in rich shades of brown 334,375   
stately madun greatcloak mantled with thick jaguar fur 368,125   
sweeping thornweave greatcloak clasped with a double chain of darkstone 6,266,750   
lush westan wool greatcloak trimmed with black-tipped fox tails 279,375   
On the bamboo shelf
Item Price Done
pair of buffed leather wingtip boots with darkened electrum grommets 111,250   
tall pair of diamond-hide boots with baroque razor tips 615,625   
stiff pair of aniline onyx-hide boots featuring ichthyic coralite sabatons 2,459,375   
pair of knee-high demonscale boots with square kertig buckles 665,625   


[The Finer Things, Corner]
The lush, ocean-blue carpeting of the small room serves the dual purposes of muffling the sounds of heavy foot traffic and providing a more cushioned place to sit or stand. Lavish piles of sea-shell patterned pillows are stacked with an eye to detail and the customers' comfort in mind. Potted palm trees strung with softly glowing sungold lanterns stand in each corner of the room, giving off just enough light to create a relaxed ambience.
You also see an ornate sign mounted on the wall, a large durian framed scoreboard, a well-groomed attendant, the Finest Box of Gems and a gem-encrusted bucket of viscous goop.
Obvious exits: northeast.

An ornate sign mounted on the wall reads:
                  --~~{ Finest Box of Gems }~~--                  
1) 5 plats per grab.  Just GET BOX to play.
2) All prizes must be redeemed before the end of the festival.
3) Thank you for playing! 
4) No refunds!
                    --~~{ The Management }~~--
  • changed from 50 to 5 plat per grab in 443 (2022).