Misenseor Goods (6)

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Misenseor Goods
Event Hollow Eve Festival 436
# of Rooms 5
Store Type Cleric shops, Clothing shops, Container shops, Drink shops, Food shops, Jewelry shops, Weapon shops
This store only accepts Kronars

Not all of the items in some of the rotating stock is listed.


[Misenseor Goods, Entrance]
This small ingress is confined by dark-colored drapery, concealing the rest of the wagon from view. Two openings admit into larger rooms where the wares of the monks are displayed. A sheaf of sirese flowers lies forlornly nearby on the floor.
You also see a lacquered pine door and a velvet-covered table with several things on it.
Obvious exits: northeast, northwest.

You can pick a pale blue sirese flower.

On the velvet-covered table
Item Price Done
amphora of Death Spirit grog 0   !!
demijohn of Dark Spirit ale 0   !!
jug of Dark Fiend fizzle 0   !!
tray of dry-roasted scorpions coated with a crunchy layer of cherry candy 0   !!

Zealous Destruction

[Misenseor Goods, Zealous Destruction]
The pinewood walls enclosing this side of the shop are equipped with implements of battle for the use of warrior monks. Large twin bowls, filled with red liquid, flank a stylized thirteen-pointed star burnt into the wall between the room's two egresses.
You also see a large sign, a platinum-banded monk's chest, an iron hook with a few things on it, a wide cedar rack with several things on it, a birch pedestal with several things on it and an antique fretwork table with several things on it.
Obvious exits: southwest, northwest.

A large sign reads:
"The fretwork table holds expensive wares which are bound to get still more expensive, and are limited in number.  NO REFUNDS!"
In the monk's chest
Item Price Done
brilliant azure ayabere scepter 56,250,000   
shattered asarenjan pieces wrapped in soot-blackened cloth 71,250,000   
These are TM foci - Appear to have been removed.
On the iron hook
Item Price Done
ebony desiccated tentacle 18,125   !!
plaited strap of ice-white banshee hair 18,125   !!
strap of braided mey mosshair 8,750   !!
These straps are designed to hold the war icons that are sold in this shop.
On the birch pedestal
Item Price Done
black goblin skull 135,300   !!
black marble gargoyle skull 148,830   !!
blackened ogre skull 108,240   !!
bleached Adan'f skull 99,220   
bleached basilisk skull 108,240   !!
blighted dryad skull 117,260   !!
blue-lacquered ghast skull 171,380   !!
blunt-beaked gryphon skull 94,710   !!
cracked grendel skull 108,240   !!
dusty ghoul skull 117,260   !!
elongated mastiff skull 121,770   !!
giant mole skull 171,380   !!
giant pink armadillo skull 130,790   !!
green-lacquered pivuh skull 171,380   !!
horned bovine skull 126,280   !!
jeweled Adan'f skull 171,380   
jeweled basilisk skull 153,340   !!
jeweled faenrae skull 135,300   !!
prayer-inscribed Akul'tiz skull 207,460   
red-enameled orc skull 189,420   !!
saw-toothed shalswar skull 207,460   !!
swamp-green sluagh skull 85,690   !!
yellowed imp skull 99,220   !!
Rotating stock. belt-worn containers
On the cedar rack
Item Price Done
anglerfish carved from slick grey-green stone - TM Focus - appears to be removed 1,250,000   
pair of half-melted merman figurines cast in red gold - TM Focus - appears to be removed 1,250,000   
holy water sprinkler embedded with ghostly white negerats 587,500   
oaken impalement spike draped in tatters of silvery bloodlace 375,000   
golden-bladed scimitar tied with ribbons of spun rainbow 406,250   
morning star of chitinous black tomiek 8,250,000   
tall blood-red scythe festooned with dead dusk roses 666,250   
dark crimson sword etched with niello lightning 231,250   
fist-shaped granite mace bearing a lurid peacock jasper 343,750   
twisted night-black horn 168,750   
On the antique fretwork table
Item Price Done
darkstone war icon arrayed with the bellicose aspects of the Immortals 46,550,000   
tyrium war icon somberly painted with scenery from a twilit bog 87,500,000   
centaurian war icon set atop a haft of tawny yellow iroko 15,050,000   
polytheistic war icon set atop a haft of lustrous blood-hued tamboti 26,775,000   
gold-infused coralite war icon of the dark gods 66,300,000   
war icon of iridescent brown kelpzyte hung with altar candles 78,750,000   
war icon of indigo loimic hung with eerie animalian bells 65,625,000   
Prices increase by 10% with every purchase.

Dark Light

[Misenseor Goods, Dark Light]
A chandelier with black crystal prisms is mounted on the ceiling, casting the room in an eerie midnight ambience as though beneath a cloud-covered Xibar. Large twin bowls, filled with ash, flank a stylized thirteen-pointed star burnt into the wall between the room's two egresses.
You also see a cedar parchment case.
Obvious exits: northeast, southeast.

In the lunat case
Item Price Done
pallid red scroll - an aquarial ordinary shield swimming with tiny deeplight fish 100,000   No
coral-hued scroll - a glowing ordinary shield dimmed by the bleak image of a ruined coral city 100,000   No
gloomy black scroll - a gloomy ordinary shield flashing with glimpses of Drogorian sea monsters 100,000   No
blue-green scroll - a glowing ordinary shield with tentacles of blue-green light tracing the edges 100,000   No
silver-black scroll - a glowing ordinary shield marbled with silvered shadows 100,000   !!
pale green scroll - a crystalline ordinary shield filled with glowing green smoke 100,000   No
color-swirled scroll - a glowing ordinary shield aswirl with a vortex of many colors 100,000   !!
red-black scroll - an obsidian ordinary shield lit by burning red stars 100,000   !!
Shield of Light scrolls

In the cedar parchment case
Item Price Done
glossy black scroll - a glossy ordinary shield of solid black light 100,000   !!
dusky ecru scroll - a dusky ordinary shield with a fluttery silhouette imprisoned inside 100,000   !!
splotched charcoal scroll - a dark ordinary shield rimmed with twitching ghostly white fingers 100,000   !!
shadowy mauve scroll - a shadowy ordinary shield alit with eldritch purple light 100,000   !!
sooty bistre scroll - a sooty ordinary shield afire with pale grey flames 100,000   !!
murky fallow scroll - a murky ordinary shield with writhing wormish lights trapped inside 100,000   !!
pale taupe scroll - an ashen ordinary shield bulging with the inhuman visage of a banshee 100,000   !!
streaked ebon scroll - an ebon ordinary shield marred by shifting cracks of light 100,000   !!
Shield of Light scrolls

Shrouding Darkness

[Misenseor Goods, Shrouding Darkness]
Heavy curtains in a multitude of black and grey hues hang all around the room, only allowing passage through three narrow slits. Several bolts of fabric are propped upright to lean against a wall. A faint scent of incense comes from the middle opening in the curtains.
You also see a pinewood drawer, a pinewood garderobe, a shallow box and a double hanger with a couple of things on it.
Obvious exits: southeast, south, southwest.

In the pinewood drawer
Item Price Done
tattered black prayer sash with a purple-threaded lightning motif 5,863   !!
violet prayer sash shot through with glistening black threads 5,863   !!
tasselly prayer sash embroidered with a reclining muscular man 4,059   !!
pure black prayer sash with fraying ends 2,255   !!
blood-red prayer sash stitched with dark holy symbols 7,667   !!
long linen prayer sash darkly fringed with tiny idopun pearls 8,569   !!
dark silver prayer sash embroidered with a shade-filled forest 7,667   !!
dark golden prayer sash embroidered with sacrificial rites 7,667   !!
ornate brocade prayer sash with red-brown rust smeared all over it 3,157   !!
plain black prayer sash 1,353   !!
In the pinewood garderobe
Item Price Done
ash-grey angora monk's robe belted with red-scaled leather 36,080   
smoke-grey silk monk's robe embroidered with black vela'tohr blossoms 63,140   !!
soot-black silk monk's robe embroidered with reddish vela'tohr bloodvines 63,140   !!
ink-black mohair monk's robe belted with blue-scaled leather 36,080   !!
greenish silveress robes sewn with forty jade chimera beads 2,345,200   !!
In the shallow box
Item Price Done
frayed grey mourning veil 9,020   !!
mourning veil of bluish white winterweave 135,300   !!
On the double hanger
Item Price Done
deeply cowled cape of black velvet 27,060   !!
enveloping pall of ragged black grogram 18,040   !!
hooded jade-green mantle appliqued with chimeric animals 36080   !!

Abbot's Blessings

[Misenseor Goods, Abbot's Blessings]
Olibanum incense cones smolder within a faience censer at the far corner of the shop's heart. Their smoky tendrils whorl upward, deepening the already dark tones of a somber portrait just above. Unlike the other rooms, the floor here is neatly carpeted and furnished with velvet cushions.
You also see a birchwood bookshelf with several things on it, an ornate brass skippet, a marble salver with several things on it and a rough tea table with several things on it.
Obvious exits: north.

On the birchwood bookshelf
Item Price Done
antiquated prayer tome with tangled tendrils embossed in platinum leaf 360,800   
bloodlace-bound prayer tome 360,800   !!
burnished copper prayer tome with steel buckles 180,400   !!
ceremonial prayer tome embedded with a trio of night diamonds 360,800   !!
dusty gloomwood prayer tome 315,700   !!
heavy prayer tome painted a lurid cyan 270,600   !!
mahogany prayer tome with blackened claw marks 225,500   !!
pale jade-inlaid prayer tome 180,400   !!
pine-bound prayer tome stained by blight 135,300   !!
prayer tome bound in white sharkskin 270,600   !!
prayer tome covered in quilted raw silk 180,400   !!
prayer tome of tarnished silver 180,400   !!
prayer tome painted with a bouquet of faesoul flowers and widow's lace grass 225500   !!
prayer tome picturing a many-winged inky apparition 270,600   !!
prayer tome with a charred velvet-bound cover 225,500   !!
prayer tome with a serpentine glass-encrusted spine 180,400   !!
snakeskin prayer tome embossed with a ring of dark stars 270,600   !!
speckled white prayer tome adorned with midwinter's sickles 270,600   !!
thick prayer tome coated in broken gloamstone shards 315,700   !!
Rotating stock. These hold prayer parchments and work like compendiums for anatomy charts.
In the ornate brass skippet
Item Price Done
rowan pilgrim's badge depicting the Misenseor Abbey 125,000   !!
sana'ati pilgrim's badge varnished to a dusky sheen 125,000   !!
ebony pilgrim's badge inlaid with a thirteen-pointed star 125,000   !!
pilgrim's badge crafted from bone-white witchclaw bark 125,000   !!
On the marble salver
Item Price Done
alabaster ring inset with the vulture of Aldauth 13,530   
amber ring inset with the shrike of Dergati 13,530   
carnelian ring inset with the centaur of Trothfang 13,530   !!
cinnabar ring inset with the shrew of Kerenhappuch 13,530   !!
hematite ring inset with the raccoon of Zachriedek 13,530   !!
jet ring inset with the goshawk of Botolf 13,530   !!
larimar ring inset with the adder of Asketi 13,530   !!
malachite ring inset with the weasel of Huldah 13,530   !!
olivine ring inset with the viper of Ushnish 13,530   !!
onyx ring inset with the coyote of Be'ort 13,530   !!
porphyry ring inset with the spider of Harawep 13,530   !!
pyrite ring inset with the heron of Idon 13,530   !!
sodalite ring inset with the shark of Drogor 13,530   !!
rotating stock
On the rough tea table
Item Price Done
bead carver's apron strewn with wood chips 676   !!
bead carver's apron strewn with crystal chips 1,804   !!
bead carver's apron strewn with oak chips 2,706   !!
bead carver's apron strewn with onyx chips 3,608   !!
bead carver's apron strewn with ebony chips 4,510   !!
"Each apron will only hold a specific type of bead-carving block, which you can discern from the material strewn on it. When in doubt, STUDY your apron while it's in your hand."