Comfortable Rakash (4)

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Comfortable Rakash
Event Hollow Eve Festival 436, Hollow Eve Festival 439
# of Rooms 3
Store Type Clothing shops, Rakash shops, Jewelry shops, Armor shops
Restrictions Estate Holder, Rakash
This store only accepts Kronars

Form is Function

[Comfortable Rakash, Form is Function]
The open floor plan of this shop provides customers with freedom to move around without fear of knocking anything over or damaging the goods for sale. A series of odaj-clad mannequins stands in the center of the room and a nearby rack holds various pieces of traditional Rakash clothing.
You also see a painted door.
Obvious exits: east.

On the platinum rack
Item Price Done
merlot silk rantija lined with warm zerarin wool 2,062,500   
shadowy grey linen rantija mantled with silver embroidery 112,500   
flowing azure cashmere rantija with moonstone embellishments 237,500   
fitted leather rantija with a deeply cowled hood 125,000   
On the series of mannequins
Item Price Done
stoic ash-grey bourde odaj belted with woven steelsilk 300,000   
fetching amber chainsil odaj embroidered with gold florets 23,750   
cheery coral velvet odaj trimmed with gossamer flounces 31,250   
well-worn sorrel odaj with carefully stitched patches 37,500   

Function is Form

[Comfortable Rakash, Function is Form]
A pair of racks stand at either side of the room, holding a practical selection of Rakash-style robes and dresses. Near the back wall resides a life-sized statue of a Rakash in moonskin, its pose and proximity to a Katamba-embroidered curtain reminiscent of a guard.
You also see a painted door.
Obvious exits: west.

On the statue
Item Price Done
laborer's drab cotton odaj 2,500   
A statue reads:
"The odaj on this statue is made especially to store specific tools. It is suited to hold up to five of any of the following -- hammer, saw, shovel, pickaxe, axe, greataxe, shaper, bellows, tongs, chisels, rifflers, drawknife, knife, rasp, sieve, clamps, pliers, awl, scraper, rod"
On the robe rack
Item Price Done
somber Katamba-black dergatine odaj secured by a pin of wrought tursa 687,500   
elegant amaranthine cire odaj embroidered with a soaring unkindness of ravens 975,000   
emerald gemfire velvet odaj embroidered with ornate gold filigree 3,500,000   
refined claret odaj bordered in sable shadesatin 687,500   
On the dress rack
Item Price Done
striking sage watersilk safos with a chain-draped open neckline 5,300,000   
backless plum whisperlayne safos with airy layered gossamer skirts 2,725,000   
daring cerulean satin safos tightly swathed in heartstring lace 562,500   
charming apricot tea-length safos with delicate petticoats 437,500   
A white note reads:
"NOTE: All of the safos on this dress rack will change color when rubbed."

Pack Mentality (Rakash Only)

[Comfortable Rakash, Pack Mentality]
A hanging rack is mounted to the elaborately painted walls, its shining steel displaying an assortment of traditional Rakash armor. Standing alone in the middle of the floor is a long table bearing refreshments, built low to the ground to prevent it from obstructing the view of the mural. The heady scent of spiced apples fills the air. You also see a trunk, a low jewelry stand with several things on it and a Katamba-embroidered curtain.
Obvious exits: none.

On the hanging rack
Item Price Done
battered onyx-hide battle odaj embellished with hiro bear fur 937,500   
midnight-blue demonscale battle odaj with blackened steel epaulets 2,225,000   
Katamba-black diamond-hide battle odaj emblazoned with a raven in flight 10,425,000   
dark green punka battle odaj edged with turtleplait 14,118,750   
On the jewelry stand
Item Price Done
jagged aldamdin armband contorted around a perfectly round black disc 625   
wide silversteel wristcuff embedded with a topaz-rimmed black disc 2,237,500   
elegant asini ring set with diamonds framing a polished round black disc 779,687   
glittery pink coralite tailband inlaid with a darkstone disc 5,612,500   
delicately braided tursa choker suspending a single black diamond disc 650,000   
On the low table
Item Price Done
dish filled with brandy-soaked apples 0   
decanter of aged fratvarit surrounded by several sugar-rimmed glasses garnished with apple slices 0   
large crow-etched bottle of Rakash golden ale next to some chilled glasses 0   DG
platter of roasted pork sandwiches 0   
In the trunk
Item Price Done
tiny cup of tea with the scent of myriad herbs mixed with peppercorns 625,000   !!
small cup of green apple tea infused with sweet-smelling herbs 125,000   !!
small cup of golden apple tea infused with bitter herbs 187,500   !!
tiny cup of herbal tea spiked with the rich scent of rum and apples 625,000   !!
small cup of red apple tea infused with heady herbs 125,000   !!