Kitten Emporium (5)

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The Kitten Emporium
Event Hollow Eve Festival 436
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Pet shops
This store only accepts Kronars

Hollowed Homes

[The Kitten Emporium, Hollowed Homes]
Above, the ceiling is painted black with a sprinkling of glittering stars, while the curved woolen walls are painted with simple nighttime scenes filled with sleeping animals and dark tree covered hills. A distinguished-looking tomcat dressed in dapper three piece suit and a tubby tabby wearing a lurid green ballgown covered in tiers of lace and sparkling gems of a vivid pink hue stand guard over some metal sale stands.
You also see a draped opening.
Obvious exits: none.

On the kertig stand
Item Price Done
cozy cat cottage with cream cotton walls and chocolate corduroy thatching 62,500   !!
elegant duchess satin manor of miniature proportions 625,000   !!
petite spun rainbow palace with regal marblesilk pillars 137,500   !!
tiny marblesilk temple draped with lavish catnip garlands 375,000   !!
tiny jadeleaf cloth garden blooming with delicate rosecloth blossoms 450,000   !!
On the silver stand
Item Price Done
tiny sunkissed chiffon island surrounded by seasilk waves 650,000   !!
small coral spun glitter reef textured with bits of gold embroidery 87,500   !!
shimmering oceanmist satin seashell with a pearlescent sheen 312,500   !!
teeny windstorm gossamer airship with a burnished spiritwood gondola 625,000   !!
miniature gloomwood galleon with billowed bloodlace sails 325,000   !!
On the gold stand
Item Price Done
plush gemfire velvet book titled "Furry Tails" 506,250   !!
intricately woven catnip basket nestled with cozy petalette blankets 437,500   !!
small cozy nest of felted zerarin wool 562,500   !!
cushioned ivory silk teacup gilded with floral shireli lace 137,500   !!
delectable goldweave cinnamon bun swirled with warm spice silk 156,250   !!