Metalory Mongeria

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Metalory Mongeria
Status: Alive
Type: shopowner

A wandering fortunetelling machine at the Spider-hosted Hollow Eve Festivals and stationary in the Raldtanagi room during the Andreshlew HE festivals.


Bronze and iron mingle in a bizarre looking metal contraption. A large brass sphere forms the construct's base, with large iron wheels on either side and a swiveling wheel in the back. A smaller sphere perched atop the larger one is embossed with a stylized face, topped by an elaborately feathered hat.

The words, "Metalory Mongeria, Mechanical Mistress of Mystery -- One Silver <Kronar/Dokora>," are enameled along the curve of the metal, and a small lever in the front glints enticingly, practically begging you to pull it.