Joys of Noise (6)

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The Joys of Noise
Event Hollow Eve Festival 436
Owner Unknown
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Music shops
This store only accepts Kronars

Island Beats

[The Joys of Noise, Island Beats]
A glossy cerulean painted sky on the ridged bamboo walls showcase a scene of silvery sand edging a crystal lagoon, with a painted village seen in the distance. On the ground, sun-dried woven seaweed spreads across the floor, creating a decorative carpet of intricate fans and swirls while corners and surfaces are piled with both sand lirums and sand kronars. A trio of potted trees -- eucalyptus, palm and anli take up the majority of the space here aside from a carved bamboo table near the stall door.
You also see a scarred black rat and a bamboo door.
Obvious exits: east.

On the eucalyptus tree
Item Price Done
small green gold xylophone with a dark leather strap 4,562,500   
small kelpzyte xylophone with a wide leather strap 60,937,500   
tenor steelpan made of pocked steel with a braided leather strap 22,500   
aldamdin tenor steelpan with a triple braided linen strap 8,437,500   
On the palm tree
Item Price Done
white cerith shell castanets bound with gold wire 1,250   
blue-green sprite-bone castanets shaped like teardrops 862,500   
pair of polished green-black ka'hurst spoons with squared ke'nag handles 841,875   
pair of bright indigo purple gold spoons with spiraling ivory handles 841,875   
polished black ironwood-framed azure rencate washboard 11,625   
polished ayabere-framed blue-white mistglass washboard 1,650,000   
On the anli tree
Item Price Done
spiral carved azure ayabere claves 39,375   
red applewood claves carved to look like an apple 37,500   
apricot claves inlaid with skeins of gold 8,375   
mushroom-shaped driftwood claves 11,875   
snowflake-shaped white alerce claves 437,500   
On the bamboo table
Item Price Done
oak-handled mallet 625   
indurium-handled mallet 73,125   
steel-handled mallet 250   
gold-handled mallet 3,125   

Fever Room

[The Joys of Noise, Fever Room]
Bright red flames have been painted on the ridged bamboo walls, displaying a scene of inferno-like misery. On the ground, fine silt spreads across the floor, creating a decorative carpet broken up by pieces of rough pumice and lava rock. A tiny potted flamethorn sapling takes up the majority of the space in this tiny alcove.
You also see a bamboo door.
Obvious exits: west.

On the flamethorn sapling
Item Price Done
crystal cowbell with a golden mongoose handle 31,250   
white gold cowbell with a moonstone dove handle 31,250   
brass cowbell with a scarlet emerald kingsnake handle 15,687   
silver cowbell with an e'erdream nightingale handle 67,777   
copper cowbell with a mischievous welkin handle 6,875   
crystal cowbell with an adderwood albatross handle 31,250   
gold cowbell with a howling jackal handle 31,250   
platinum cowbell with a gleeful ram handle 68,750   
copper cowbell with a sardonyx owl handle 6,875   
silver cowbell with a snarling wolverine handle 67,777   
silver cowbell with an Ilithic applewood cow handle 67,777   
crystal cowbell with a red gold phoenix handle 31,250   
copper cowbell with a slumbering magpie handle 6,875   
gold cowbell with a sinuous dragon handle 31,250   
platinum cowbell with a vedda coyote handle 68,750   
platinum cowbell with a white donkey handle 68,750