Ghostly Galleria of Spiritual Souvenirs (2)

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The Ghostly Galleria of Spiritual Souvenirs
Event Hollow Eve Festival 436, Hollow Eve Festival 439, Hollow Eve Festival 443
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Jewelry shops, Cambrinth shops
This store only accepts Kronars

The Ghostly Galleria of Spiritual Souvenirs

[The Ghostly Galleria of Spiritual Souvenirs]
The unmistakable salty tang of the sea hangs heavily in the air. The small room sits at a slight angle, as a bulky crate would lean with a heavy load stacked atop it. The ceiling on one side is higher than the other. Despite the structure's physical condition, a fresh coat of white paint covers the walls, and a royal purple rug -- still curled at its edges -- sits in the center.
You also see a cloth-covered counter with golden fringe with several things on it, a simple round table with an oblong dark blue covering with several things on it, a small gaethzen lamp covered by a yellow cloth, a crooked opening and a large sign with neatly blocked lettering.
Obvious exits: none.

A large sign with neatly blocked lettering reads:


I survived the rather unfortunate ordeal of an
exploding spider, and some of my wares were
recovered as well.

However, I've offered my items in this locale
twice before without success, and I must confess
that it is most disheartening.  Should this visit
fail as well, I may have no choice but to close
forevermore.  I beg you, please, purchase my
jewelry and examine it closely.  I am quite
certain that you won't be disappointed!

--A Faithful Servant of Urrem'tier"
On the cloth-covered counter
Item Price Done
battered metal charm bracelet engraved with lightning bolts 5,312   
knotted charm bracelet with tiny musical notes woven into it 4,700   
simple charm bracelet crafted from tiny braided vines 3,062   
blue-white mistglass charm bracelet set with twin shrike's eye sapphires 234,375   
heavy orichalcum charm bracelet set with polished gloamstone pebbles 607,875   
On the metal shelves
Item Price Done
crude zombie goblin charm clutching a tiny rusted scimitar 187,500   
pale grey death squirrel charm clutching an oversized cambrinth acorn 150,000   
small grendel charm with a prominent pink snout 112,500   
vile plague wraith charm with wickedly curved cambrinth talons 156,250   
revenant conscript charm caked with bits of grime 193,750   
25 mana, wrist worn
On the round table
Item Price Done
skeletal kobold headhunter charm clutching a tiny bone trophy necklace 162,500   
skeletal sailor charm topped with a feathered tricorn 187,500   
bone wyvern charm with its skeletal wings spread wide 131,250   
misshapen bone golem charm with crimson-dyed limbs 175,000   
icy blue ghast charm with a wiry frame enclosing a tiny rock 193,750   
25 mana, wrist worn