Piralpa Tridents (3)

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Piralpa Tridents
Event Hollow Eve Festival 436, Hollow Eve Festival 439, Hollow Eve Festival 443
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Weapon shops, Container shops
This store only accepts Kronars

Coral Showroom

[Piralpa Tridents, Coral Showroom]
Sculpted in bas-relief, images of fish with childlike faces adorn the coral walls, their glassy gem eyes following any motion in the room due to tricks of light and shadow. The monotony of the rough walls is broken not only by these cheerful masques but by a series of thick colored bands, adding a rainbow of seafoam greens, ocean blues and pastel pinks to the otherwise pale coral room.
You also see a driftwood rack with several things on it, a sandstone rack with several things on it and a sandstone arch.
Obvious exits: southwest.

On the driftwood rack
Item Price Done
massive five-tined trident with a sharkskin-wrapped haft 262,500   
flared Elven silver trident tipped with shark teeth 112,500   
menacing gold trident with a trio of wickedly barbed prongs 500,000   
slender razaksel trident wrapped in salt-encrusted leather 237,500   
twine-wrapped fisherman's trident made of patinated steel 62,500   
On the sandstone rack
Item Price Done
sanguine-hued asini trident tipped with shards of ox-blood coral 4,437,500   
formidable green gold trident intricately carved with obscure symbols 4,562,500   
vicious short-hafted trident with savagely barbed tines 9,062,500   
dark silvery grey animite trident with a long midnight onyx handle 45,937,500   
triple-pronged gladiator's trident etched with fish scales down its length 4,687,500   

Shell Showroom

[Piralpa Tridents, Shell Showroom]
Shells from a variety of sea creatures turn the floor into a sparkling mosaic of iridescent color, a strong contrast to the dull beige shade of the walls. From the pale ceiling hang a few twisted ribbons of dried seaweed, suspending decorative bits of coral and stone to be reflected in the glossy and buffed surface of the floor.
You also see a flagstone rack with several things on it, a prominent sign, a limestone rack with several things on it and a speckled granite table with several things on it.
Obvious exits: northeast.

A simple sign reads:
""A prominent sign reads:
We heard ye land dwellers struggle to secure your tridents, so take note!
These harnesses are designed to secure a single trident, they should also hold more mundane weapons inside!
Now buy, buy, buy!""
On the flagstone rack
Item Price Done
subtly twisted iroko trident suspending a trio of midwinter's sickles 11,312,500   
inky black haralun trident festooned with crimson scarves 17,812,500   
chitinous black trident composed of tomiek 11,187,500   
shimmery coralite trident embellished with rainbow sapphire starfish 70,562,500   
stunning blue gold trident inlaid with shards of aldamdin 45,000,000   
On the limestone rack
Item Price Done
intricately whorled glitvire trident flecked with variegated greens and violets 12,812,500   
polished gloamstone trident tipped with jagged shards of tyrium 3,625,000   
long muracite trident covered in abyssal quartz fish scales 4,562,500   
sturdy windsteel trident with an intricately carved tamboti haft 7,000,000   
oily black steel trident decorated with pitch pearls and blood rubies 3,875,000   
On the granite table
Item Price Done
ample aquamarine avia harness decorated with shark teeth 2,312,500   
salt-stained leather harness wrapped in strands of seaweed 812,500   
narrow diamond-hide harness embossed with sea dragons 1,375,000   
narrow silveress harness stitched with cresting waves 3,312,500   
shimmery rose gold harness clasped with coralite buckles 2,812,500