Great Sea Battle

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Great Sea Battle
Event Hollow Eve Festival 436
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Game
This store only accepts Kronars


This game costs 25 copper Kronar to play.

BUY TICKET, move north, then wait for the game to begin. You can move out of the room and back once you purchase a ticket, you're not bound to the room until the game starts. If you are the 1st person in the Line room, there will be an announcer indicate you're waiting for more people. In this room, doing an INFO gives you information on your game status instead of your typical game information.

Once 2 or more people are in the room, within a few minutes the group will be moved together to the Miniature Docks room, where you will have a choice of 10 different boat types. GO <BOAT NOUN> and begin to move around the battle area. You'll want to LOAD LAUNCHER WITH WATER to start, and if you see a fish or gerbil, you can attempt to GET FISH/GERBIL and load that as well. Once you see a friend, AIM <PERSON> and then FIRE <PERSON>. Use BAIL to try and keep yourself afloat.

It doesn't appear there is death involved with this game. If you get sunk, you just pop up in another room of the game and can keep on playing. At the end, all participants look to receive a game prize.


The Epic Sea Battle of Rotandrana: A Reenactment

Pit your skills against your opponents in this exciting reenactment of the greatest Sea Battle in all history.  Experience the thrill of that great struggle as you try to win the day.  Sail your favorite faction's boat into glory and change history!

How to Play
Buy a ticket, get in line and when the game begins GO into the boat of your choice.

  Sink everyone you can find.  Don't get sunk.
  Winner is the one who was sunk the fewest times.

  INFO tells you how full of water your boat is.
  LOAD loads your launcher with water or ??
  AIM aims your launcher at someone.
  FIRE fires your launcher at someone.
  RAM tries to ram your boat into someone elses.
  BAIL allows you to scoop water out of your boat.

!Beware the hungry monsters that lurk beneath the waters!
    !Please don't remove water animals from the area!