In Shining Armor

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In Shining Armor
Event Hollow Eve Festival 436
Owner Unknown
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Armor shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[In Shining Armor, Showroom]
Light from abundant gaethzen orbs glares off impeccably clean metal walls and reflects harshly off equally well-polished merchandise, often creating a halo effect. A circular rug cowers apologetically in the center of the square room, a sole, meager bit of surface area not intended to shine. Along the walls, six noble-looking mannequins display suits of armor for sale.
You also see a heavily reinforced door and a polished multicolored sign.
Obvious exits: none.

A polished multicolored sign reads:

It is not uncommon for our customers
to use shimmering outfits to combine
the beauty of ceremonial armor
with the practicality of battle armor.
On the opalescent mannequin
Item Price Done
misty mail coif crowned with a haze sapphire - head/eyes/neck 490,000   
hazy rencate mail with side seams of opalescent mistsilk - torso/arms/legs 300,000   
kaleidoscopic mail gloves embellished with milky white thealstones - hands 1,350,000   
chain armor
On the azure mannequin
Item Price Done
winged mail helm crowned with silversteel and sky opals - head/eyes/neck 3,790,000   
airy mirror-finished mail interspersed with clear glaes links - torso/arms/legs 10,400,000   
windsteel mail gloves set with tempest sapphires - hands 2,150,000   
chain armor
On the red mannequin
Item Price Done
fiery scale helm surmounted by a radiant crown - head/eyes/neck 430,000   
firestained scale armor patterned to resemble a lava flow - torso/arms/legs 200,000   
scale gauntlets firestained with salamanders - hands 250,000   
brigandine armor
On the blue mannequin
Item Price Done
abyssal blue helm adorned with membranous glaes fins - head/eyes/neck 4,170,000   
scalloped scale armor with spiny pauldrons - torso/arms/legs 8,150,000   
webbed covellite gauntlets with wave-like scales - hands 2,150,000   
brigandine armor
On the green mannequin
Item Price Done
aubergine helm flanked by lurid green lightning bolts - head/eyes/neck 900,000   
aubergine plate armor streaked with lightning - torso/arms/legs 420,000   
aubergine gauntlets inset with stormfire topazes - hands 1,150,000   
plate armor
On the grey mannequin
Item Price Done
foliate helm mounted with a stag's antlers - head/eyes/neck 150,000   
imposing plate armor fashioned to mimic weathered granite - torso/arms/legs 2,650,000   
muracite gauntlets with craggy kertig protrusions - hands 1,150,000   
plate armor