Floors for Thought

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Floors for Thought
Event Hollow Eve Festival 436, Hollow Eve Festival 439
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Housing shops
This store only accepts Kronars

Main Salesfloor

[Floors for Thought, Main Salesfloor]
Metal racks with rollout shelves line the walls, each shelf displaying a different sample of floor covering for perusal. Windows high in the walls provide lighting during daylight hours, with hanging gaethzen globes available during evening hours.
You also see a furniture merchant and a white door.
Obvious exits: east.

Item Price Done
red brick floor laid in a herringbone pattern 15,000   
slate-blue flagstone floor 15,000   
green schist floor of square tiles 7,500   
ironstone floor of rectangular tiles 5,500   
pink granite floor 4,500   
cream brick floor laid in a serpentine pattern 6,500   
bamboo floor laid in long diagonal stripes 1,500   
slate block floor 1,500   
rammed earth floor 500   
siltstone floor of rectangular blocks 2,500   

Refined Tastes

[Floors for Thought, Refined Tastes]
In contrast to the main salesfloor, the racks in this room are crafted from the finest tropical hardwoods. The flooring in the room is plain ash planking, but of such a fine finish that it is like walking on satin. Leaded glass clerestory windows allow in clear sunlight to aid the patrons in their selections.
You also see a furniture merchant.
Obvious exits: west.

Item Price Done
alabaster floor of triangular tiles 320,000   
adderwood floor of wide planks 1,000,000   
purple porphyry floor of square tiles 500,000   
travertine floor of large square blocks 450,000   
wide-planked zingana floor 1,500,000   
narrow-planked gloomwood floor 650,000   
tamboti floor of parquet tiles set in a fan pattern 1,000,000   
alerce mosaic floor set in a compass-rose pattern 4,500,000   
square darkstone tile floor 3,500,000   
alerce mosaic floor set in a pinwheel pattern 4,750,000