Darsam's Drifters (4)

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Darsam's Drifters
Event Hollow Eve Festival 436, Hollow Eve Festival 439
Owner Darsam
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Jewelry shops, Magic shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Darsam's Drifters, A Small Alcove]
Gaethzen globes hang from skylights set into the ceiling's thatched roof. The walls are unpainted, and look to be a sandy clay mixture. Winding around the room's perimeter is a series of kelp-and-coral strands, each colorfully woven and hanging in drooping curves that resemble rolling waves. Vibrant rugs depicting mosaics of leaping dolphins, schools of fish, and other sealife sit beneath the counters that display the shop's wares.
You also see a prominent sign, an open doorway and a cloth-lined glass counter with several things on it.
Obvious exits: none.

   /                                                   \
  /                  Darsam's Drifters                  \
 |                                                       |
 | Welcome, Merelew and friends to the sea-people alike! |
 | Regretfully, all of our old stock was lost to the sea |
 | when the Great Arachnid plunged into its depths.  We  |
 | were lucky to escape with our lives!                  |
 |                                                       |
 | Master Darsam is still unwilling to endorse our work, |
 | yet we worked dilligently in these past few years to  |
 | rebuild a suitable stockpile of inventory in the      |
 | likeness of Darsam's own creations in the hopes of    |
 | bringing them to you once again.                      |
 |                                                       |
 | We hope you will enjoy our efforts!                   |
 |                                                       |
 | --Darsam's Assistants                                 |
  \                                                     /
   \                                                   /
On the cloth-lined counter
Item Price Done
These are atmospheric items.
school of starry flounders 225,000   !!
cluster of wrymouth eels 312,500   !!
pod of rockclaw lobsters 225,000   !!
trio of dragon eels - floats around your right knee 225,000   !!
tiny nacre-plated Torbisan decapods 312,500   !!
quartet of colorful corals 225,000   !!
school of deeplight fish 225,000   !!
school of dark blue alfarfish - floats around your left arm 225,000   !!
bale of small turtles 312,500   !!
school of bright orange alfarfish - floats around your head 312,500   !!