Wally's World of Walls

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Wally's World of Walls
Event Hollow Eve Festival 436, Hollow Eve Festival 439
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Housing shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Wally's World of Walls, Salesfloor]
Plain pine planks form the interior walls of this minimalist showroom. The deliberate lack of decoration throughout the room is designed to emphasize the exotic woods and flamboyant patterns of the merchandise samples displayed throught the store.
You also see a furniture merchant and a pine door.
Obvious exits: none.

Item Price Done
banded amber-covered wall with contrasting colors - [wall] [Storage: 1 on] 125,000,000   
cobalt blue jaalmin-covered wall - [wall] [Storage: 1 on] 59,500,000   
smokewood-paneled wall with a carved crown molding - [wall] [Storage: 1 on] 36,000,000   
scarlet rosecloth-covered wall - [wall] [Storage: 1 on] 82,000,000   
astronomical alerce mosaic wall - [wall] [Storage: 1 on] 30,000,000   
lava samite wall with a flamewood chair rail - [wall] [Storage: 1 on] 75,000,000   
yellow and red gold dragonfire brocade-covered wall - [wall] [Storage: 1 on] 85,000,000   
gloomwood wall with matching baseboards - [wall] [Storage: 1 on] 5,000,000   
tamboti-paneled wall with a plain crown molding - [wall] [Storage: 1 on] 36,000,000   
iroko-paneled wall with a thin chair rail - [wall] [Storage: 1 on] 40,000,000