Future is Now (4)

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The Future is Meow
Event Hollow Eve Festival 436, Hollow Eve Festival 439, Hollow Eve Festival 443
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Moon Mage shops
This store only accepts Kronars

Armillary Sphere

[The Future is Now, Armillary Sphere]
Contained within the gargantuan iron sphere that forms this chamber are dozens of massive brass rings connected to a globe via a thick central axis. Ceaselessly, the rings twirl and spin about in silent harmony, no two plotting the same course. Prominently featured upon each is a limelight which collectively casts a multihued kaleidoscope of illumination about the room. A particularly wide ring slowly plots a course that offers customers a relatively safe path between the entrance and exit of the shop proper.
You also see the exit painted to resemble a moongate.
Obvious exits: none.

The Future is Now

[The Future is Now, Workshop]
The once spacious workshop is cramped by mechanical flights of fantasy. Many are little more than carefully annotated blueprints, scattered springs and stray gears, while others proudly proclaim their completion with scribbled price tags. Some merchandise lies in tangles and piles of clutter, while others sprawl across the workbench, a side table, the assorted shelving and even the walls..
You also see a polished brass stand with a wide tamboti-bodied clockwork telescope attacked to loimic adjustment rods on it and the egress.
Obvious exits: none.

On the assorted shelving
Item Price Done
blue sandstone bowl supported by a clockwork trivet 69,290,466   
glittering arkrose sandstone bowl rimmed with coralite 6,929,047   
white sandstone bowl inlaid with glossy aldamdin constellations 6,929,047   
pitch black sandstone bowl infused with night diamonds 6,929,047   
square sandstone bowl fitted with three iroko feet 6,929,047   
On the side table
Item Price Done
tamboti Tokka deck trimmed in chocolate brown kelpzite clockwork foil 69,290,466   
Tokka deck depicting a sandy beach with a coralite foil sky 6,929,047   
Tokka deck backed with loimic foil fractals 6,929,047   
etched tyrium Tokka deck 6,929,047   
woodburned Tokka deck made from cards of driftwood veneer 6,929,047   
On the tangle of goods
Item Price Done
haze sapphire prism suspended from a loimic clockwork sprocket and chain 69,290,466   
sapphire prism dangling for a coralite chain 6,929,047   
sleek kelpzyte chain cradling a sea-green sapphire prism 6,929,047   
sapphire prism with an inscribed silver linked chain 6,929,047   
beryl prism veined with gold 6,929,047   
On the workbench
Item Price Done
bright celestial charts carefully illuminated with darkstone-glittered ink 6,929,047   
printed celestial charts stamped with a coralite foil seal 6,929,047   
parchment celestial charts hastily copied in silver ink 6,929,047   
black celestial charts with haralun foil around the edges 6,929,047   
flamboyant celestial charts pressed with clockwork metallic foils 69,290,466   
On the display wall
Item Price Done
gloomglass mirror backed with gloomwood 6,929,047   
divining mirror resembling a colorful swirled metallic lollipop 6,929,047   
wooden-framed oval mirror inlaid with silversteel eyes 6,929,047   
white alerce-backed mirror with a polished silver looking glass 6,929,047   
white glaes divining mirror covered in coralite clockwork gears 69,290,466   
On the clutter
Item Price Done
mammoth divination bones with precise clockwork weighting 69,290,466   
coralite-inlaid divining bones 6,929,047   
intricately carved flamewood divination bones 6,929,047   
seaglass divination bones etched in golden spirals 6,929,047   
heavy clockwork divination bones made of cast iron Dwarven iron 6,929,047   
On the polished brass stand
Item Price Done
wide tamboti-bodied clockwork telescope attacked to loimic adjustment rods 17,322,617