Chuffed To Be Stuffed (2)

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Chuffed To Be Stuffed
Event Hollow Eve Festival 436, Hollow Eve Festival 439
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Food shops
This store only accepts Kronars

Large Workshop

[Chuffed To Be Stuffed, Large Workshop]
Tone-on-tone white brocade has broken up at intervals with large clear cylinders that rise from oak floor to tent ceiling. Within each cylinder, a cloud of colored cotton resides, making a veritable rainbow within this large room. In between each cylinder are shelving units holding a variety of stuffed creatures or other objects. A large wine barrel has been placed in one corner of the room.
You also see a glass, a large bear-shaped hanging sign and a white brocade tent flap pinned back with a giant coralite cupcake.
Obvious exits: none.

A large bear-shaped hanging sign reads:
~The lead pouches are meant to FILL your stuffed toy.~
On the gold shelf
Item Price Done
pocked yellow brocade starfish with googly eyes 16,528   
set of oversized stuffed bronze velvet zills 91,528   
oversized bright red leather stuffed tomato 16,778   
oversized stuffed gold kronar 15,431   
lumpy grey brocade rock with two googly eyes 11,681   
stuffed dragon priest holding a bright purple velvet eldritch flame 36,681   
bright green leather mantis shrimp with googly eyes 42,931   
white leather red-spotted blenny with googly eyes 26,681   
glossy stuffed hippopotamus with a tiny tail 56,681   
stuffed black and white striped krait with googly eyes 17,931   
stuffed bull shark made of sleek grey leather 15,556   
stuffed brown velvet walrus with large curved white tusks 25,025   
stuffed white and grey llama with an exaggerated smile 27,528   
stuffed soft grey koala with a large black leather nose 43,180   
soft brown three-toed sloth with a pair of large googly eyes 15,680   
On the wine barrel
Item Price Done
small pouch of lead pellets 13,858   
On the red shelf
Item Price Done
stuffed plush kraken made of azure-hued velvet 131,250   
stuffed tan leather octopus with curled tentacles 51,572   
stuffed lime green eel with googly eyes 56,250   
On the orange shelf
Item Price Done
stuffed reddish-brown velvet squirrel with an enormous fluffed tail 84,665   
plush nomlas-hued nomlas embroidered with scales 29,360   
On the yellow shelf
Item Price Done
stuffed mottled white velvet chicken with googly eyes 27,792   
soft brown and white stuffed badger with a pair of large googly eyes 40,277   
On the green shelf
Item Price Done
plush grey velvet lemur with a black banded tail 54,235   
stuffed tan and brown hammer 27,985   
On the blue shelf
Item Price Done
stuffed soft brown velvet wren with black button eyes 55,707   
stuffed jewel-toned velvet butterfly with googly eyes 26,402   
On the indigo shelf
Item Price Done
stuffed black and white penguin with a yellow beak 29,181   
stuffed leather toad with googly eyes 54,166   
On the violet shelf
Item Price Done
stuffed white mohair bear with smiling faces on its paws 15,415   
stuffed grey leather whale with an exaggerated smile 49,906