Lances and Roses Souvenir Shop (2)

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Lances and Roses Souvenir Shop
Event Hollow Eve Festival 436, Hollow Eve Festival 439, Hollow Eve Festival 443, Hollow Eve Festival 447
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Miscellaneous shops, Weapon shops
This store only accepts Kronars

Lances and Roses Souvenir Shop

[Jousting Grounds]
Dolls, ribands and other souvenirs are laid out in neat groups atop the display tables in the shop. Sales clerks work quickly to maintain the order as items are snatched up by prize-hungry spectators attending the competitions. Obvious exits: none.
You also see a sturdy door, a weapons rack with several things on it, a neatly lettered sign, a festively painted toy box and a carved driftwood tree with several things on it.
Obvious exits: none.

A neatly lettered sign reads:

"The toy box contains several Merelew dolls -- please be sure to tap the doll you wish to purchase, to make sure you are ordering the right one.   -- the Management"

On the weapons rack
Item Price Done
steel cutlass with an ivory hilt 75,000   
tamboti belaying pin 5,000,000   
sharp-edged steel starfish 31,250   
spiraling coral lance with a leather-wrapped handle 43,750   
In the painted toy box
Item Price Done
Torbisan decapod doll 4,000   
deeplight fish doll 4,000   
coral reef doll 4,000   
zombie Merelew doll 4,000   
mermaid doll 4,000   
pirate doll 4,000   
grey dolphin doll 4,000   
tentacled kraken doll 4,000   
yellow seahorse doll 4,000   
bright green starfish doll 3,125   
Merelew Trader doll 6,250   
Merelew guard doll 5,000   
grey-scaled Merelew doll 4,750   
vivid blue octopus doll 4,000   
On the driftwood tree
Item Price Done
fluttering grey riband with an enameled grey dolphin charm on the end 562   
fluttering red riband with a mother-of-pearl Torbisan decapod charm on the end 562   
fluttering violet riband with an electrum ambulatory coral reef charm on the end 562   
fluttering pink riband with a pewter zombie Merelew charm on the end 562   
fluttering chestnut riband with a carved deeplight fish charm on the end 562   
fluttering crimson riband with a tentacled kraken charm on the end 562   
fluttering green riband with a silver starfish charm on the end 562   
fluttering white riband with a pink coral seahorse charm on the end 500   
fluttering pale blue riband with a silver sea urchin charm on the end 625   
fluttering yellow riband with a driftwood mermaid charm on the end 375   
fluttering black riband with a grey enameled shark charm on the end 500