Andreshlew South Dock

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Andreshlew South Dock
Event Hollow Eve Festival 436
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Miscellaneous shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Andreshlew, South Dock]
Overhead, glowing crystal globes shed a soft green-yellow light on the dock. Tall coral pillars rise from the sandstone to provide anchorage for the awning overhead. The smooth sandstone of the dock is decorated with coral, shells, and gold. In the water, glowing points of light give a glimpse of the true Merelew city. Soft breezes blow through the pillars, and in the darkness, the sound of the sea murmurs unchanged.
You also see a wide table draped with a gold-embroidered purple cloth with a couple of things on it, a dolphin corral, a wooden barrel filled with iced fish with a few things on it and a wide barrel full of dark water.
Obvious paths: north.

  • Moving north takes you to the festival grounds, going to the corral takes you back to the dock you started at.
Item Price Done
small panther flounder - 3 days of fast travel 100,000   
medium spotted dogfish - 7 days of fast travel 200,000   
large coldwater redfish - 30 days of fast travel 750,000   
A wooden barrel reads:
"These are the finest specimens we have to offer, and each will garner the favor of the dolphins transporting you if you share them! The flounder will earn their favor for 3 days, the dogfish for 7 days, and the redfish for 30 days. Choose as you see fit! [Be sure to STUDY MY {FISH} after you purchase it for information!]"