Catnip Table

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Catnip Table
Event Hollow Eve Festival 436
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Pet shops
This store only accepts ERROR!!!!

[Suporni Kavmalitan, Beja Utrem]
At the end of this starfish arm sits a small rectangular pavilion resembling an oversized jewel box. Its surface is inlaid with turquoise tilework, creating a massive curved eighteen-point star against a rich gold background. False pillars with entwined vines festoon the corners. They are covered in heavily dripping clusters of red grapes, made from embedded ruby chips.
You also see a narrow table with a catnip treat on it and a large vine.
Obvious paths: south.

On the narrow table
Item Price Done
catnip treat ?   


  • GET TREAT 1st time, no kitten:
An attendant approaches and says, "Pardon, but before we'd be comfortable allowing a purchase, we'd like to inspect your kitten so that we can be sure it needs our special catnip and won't upset its cute little tummy. We hope you understand."
[Please hold your kitten in one of your hands for safeguard checks.]
[Note: If you purchase this item, it will only work for you. You cannot sell/trade to others!]
  • GET TREAT 1st time, with upgradable kitten: TBD
  • GET TREAT 1st time, with fully upgraded kitten:
An attendant beams at the <marked> kitten and pats playfully at its little paws. He straightens and returns his attention to you. "I'm terribly sorry, but this little one seems pretty animated already! We're not sure our catnip is particularly appropriate at this time."
[This kitten is already fully upgraded.]
[Note: If you purchase this item, it will only work for you. You cannot sell/trade to others!]