Gersvinda's Natural Studies (5)

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Gersvinda's Natural Studies
Event Hollow Eve Festival 436
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Anatomy shops, Empath shops, Miscellaneous shops
Restrictions Empath, Trader
This store only accepts Kronars

See Anatomy charts for instructions and rank requirements.

[Gersvinda's Natural Studies, Makeshift Studio]
The bare floors are muffled by several colorful rugs worked in botanical patterns, while a lacquered screen painted with vivid pink waterfowl stands forlornly in one corner. Dangling from crude hooks affixed to the low ceiling, several aromatic hanging lamps are placed next to differently shaded silken ropes that display vibrantly colored anatomy charts.
You also see some silver display hooks with several things on it, a lightweight portable bookcase with several things on it and an exit flap..
Obvious exits: none.

some silver display hooks
Item Price Done
elegant diamond-hide book bag edged with gold filigree 225,000   
viridescent Elven silk book bag embossed with the Izma Ru'ef University crest 100,000   
black canvas book bag stamped with the Asemath Academy crest 62,500   
practical steelsilk scholar's satchel stained with black ink 125,000   
sturdy leather student's satchel with a padded shoulder strap 625,00   

On the portable bookcase
Item Price Done
silverweave compendium jaggedly stitched with a stylized lightning symbol 250,000   
spun rainbow compendium embellished with a stylized aether symbol 437,500   
polished rockwood compendium carved with a stylized earth symbol 150,000   
brushed windsteel compendium stippled with a stylized air symbol 225,000   
supple watersilk compendium painted with a stylized water symbol 87,500   
crimson lava drake-hide compendium seared with a stylized fire symbol 71,250   
elegant diamond-hide compendium with gilded borders 250,000   
leather-bound compendium tooled with a variety of skeletons 62,500   
Izma Ru'ef University compendium bound in viridescent Elven silk 100,000   
Asemath Academy compendium bound in plain black canvas 62,500   
On the black silk rope
Item Price Done
Bizar anatomy chart 113,750   
Pivuh anatomy chart 115,000   
Vulture anatomy chart 116,250   
Unyn anatomy chart 117,500   
Moruryn anatomy chart 118,750   
Moth anatomy chart 120,000   
Kartais anatomy chart 121,250   
Colepexy anatomy chart 122,500   
Vykathi anatomy chart 123,750   
Wyvern anatomy chart 125,000   
On the orange silk rope
Item Price Done
Adan'f anatomy chart 101,250   
Kra'hei anatomy chart 102,500   
Faenrae anatomy chart 103,750   
Bear anatomy chart 105,000   
Barghest anatomy chart 106,250   
Shalswar anatomy chart 107,500   
Dyrachis anatomy chart 108,750   
Poloh'izh anatomy chart 110,000   
Korograth anatomy chart 111,250   
Larva anatomy chart 112,500   
On the red silk rope
Item Price Done
Dryad anatomy chart 88,750   
Fendryad anatomy chart 90,000   
Sprite anatomy chart 91,250   
Alfar anatomy chart 92,500   
Frostweaver anatomy chart 93,750   
Spriggan anatomy chart 95,000   
Gremlin anatomy chart 96,250   
Cyclops anatomy chart 97,500   
Ati'ket anatomy chart 98,750   
S'lai anatomy chart 100,000