Gosling's Exotic Fish (3)

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Gosling's Exotic Fish
Event Hollow Eve Festival 436, Hollow Eve Festival 439, Hollow Eve Festival 443
Owner Goslling
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Housing shops, Miscellaneous shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Gosling's Exotic Fish]
Colorful fish dart amidst the greenery in a large tank along the far wall of the shop. Above the tank, water trickles from tier to tier down a roughly carved blue sandstone waterfall, finally tumbling into the tank. Light reflecting off the surface of the water sends flickering patterns dancing around the room.
You also see some driftwood shelves with several things on it, a low marble slab with several things on it, a polished driftwood table with several things on it, a brass door and a sign.
Obvious exits: none.

A sign reads:

We offer a variety of exotic fish and other creatures in sealed aquariums.  These are balanced systems which do not need feeding.  All aquariums have four different types of fish, while the fishbowl has but one.

We have also obtained exotic pets from the mainland, housed in sealed terrariums.  Marvel at life that grows outside the waters that shelter us -- a perfect educational gift for children with inquiring minds.
On the driftwood shelves
Item Price Done
glass fishbowl blown into an enormous gape-mawed koi 78,750   
crimson fishbowl wrapped in a darkstone frame 827,500   
kitten-shaped fishbowl nestled into a dragonwood yarn bowl 462,500   
glass fishbowl dangling from a crescent moon-shaped stand 81,250   
glass fishbowl entangled in a twisted cage of cassava roots 196,875   
On the marble slab
Item Price Done
massive aquarium framed in baroque dwarven iron 625,000   
immense cylindrical aquarium mounted on a tomiek skull 3,437,500   
hexagonal aquarium mounted on a tamboti stand carved with sea-life 2,625,000   !!
small tyrium-framed aquarium chased with a floral design 19,375,000   !!
icesteel aquarium mounted in an exquisite smokewood frame 4,687,500   !!
On the driftwood table
Item Price Done
spherical terrarium reinforced with ornate windsteel fittings 437,500   
multi-leveled terrarrium reinforced with bands of damite 4,062,500   
glass terrarium with a darkspine lid covered in carved glyphs 576,250   
hexagonal glass terrarium framed in gold 137,500   
glitter-flecked glass terrarium cast in the shape of a rainbow 100,000