Nidia's Nightmares (3)

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Nidia's Nightmares
Event Hollow Eve Festival 436
Owner Nidia
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Florist shops
This store only accepts Kronars

Nidia's Nightmares

[Nidia's Nightmares]
Featuring a colorful tapestry of a bucolic meadow scene directly opposite of the entrance, pale pink linen walls surround the airy pavilion. Fresh floral garlands hang from above to give the room a garden-like atmosphere.
You also see a pink archway festooned with dark blossoms, a whitewashed sign, a long display of fresh flowers in heavy crystal vases with several things on it, a beadboard counter with several things on it, a waist-high cabinet with several things on it and a glass stand with several things on it.
Obvious exits: none.

A whitewashed sign reads:
"Greetings!  On the cabinet there are floral arrangement patterns created just for this occasion.  We regret that preserved and herbal flowers are too difficult to manipulate to fit into these patterns.  The vial included with the pattern contains enough preservative to guard your entire piece from time and the elements, and to conserve its fragrance for eternity!  Note, though, that only the foremost flower you place on the pattern will be visible from afar when the pattern is complete."
On the long display
Item Price Done
amethyst Blazing Star flower - Blazing Star flower 62,500   No
wintry pale faesoul blossom - faesoul 125,000   No
vibrant gilded teapot crocus - gilded teapot crocus 937,500   No
brittle black midwinter's sickle - midwinter's sickle 62,500   No
pink ombre Albreda's heart rose - Albreda's heart rose 62,500   No
Eluned's Promise blossom - Eluned's Promise blossom 812,500   No
On the beadboard counter
Item Price Done
spiky crimson sharktooth blossom - sharktooth blossom 312   No
vivid Beacon-of-Hope orchid - Beacon-of-Hope orchid 375   No
luminous blue water lily 312   No
brilliant pink watermist rose - watermist rose 375   No
violet-tinged pale white wyndeflower - wyndeflower 312   No
delicate golden unicorn lily - unicorn lily 1,250   No
On the waist-high cabinet
Item Price Done
basic corsage pattern 5,625   No
basic lover's token pattern 6,875   No
basic nosegay pattern 5,625   No
basic lei pattern 4,375   !!
basic wreath pattern 4,375   No
basic tailband pattern 5,625   
On the glass stand
Item Price Done
basic tussie-mussie pattern 5,625   No
basic tiara pattern 6,875   No
basic circlet pattern 5,625   
basic posy pattern 6,875   No
basic pomander pattern 6,875   No
basic boutonniere pattern 5,625   No