Stylish Stallion (3)

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The Stylish Stallion
Event Hollow Eve Festival 436, Hollow Eve Festival 439
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Tack shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[The Stylish Stallion, Salesroom]
Weathered barn boards have been nailed together to form a paneling that totally covers the walls and ceiling. One side of the room has been painted with a row of horse stalls, complimenting the other images painted around the room to recreate the appearance of a public stable. A layer of straw carpets the floor, releasing its grassy scent into the air when stepped on by shoppers perusing the merchandise displayed for sale.
You also see a painted barn door, a series of brass hooks with a few things on it, a covellite horse with several things on it, a tomiek horse with several things on it and a loimic horse with several things on it.
Obvious exits: none.

On the brass hooks
Item Price Done
watersilk saddlebag clasped with a Drogor's Wrath sapphire - contains a cobalt saddle composed of sharkskin leather, an olive-green bridle resembling a length of kelp, a watersilk saddle pad, and an oceanmist satin caparison embroidered with silverweave brine sharks 566,625   !!
spidersilk saddlebag clasped with a tomiek spider - contains a chitinous black saddle edged with spiderwebs, a braided spidersilk bridle with a spiderweb jasper centered on the browband, a scarlet saddle pad, and a spidersilk caparison webbed with silver wildlace 1,700,625   !!
spun rainbow saddlebag clasped with a riftstone - contains an aubergine saddle with a prismatic starcrasher pommel, a gloaming bridle swathed in spun glitter, a spun rainbow saddle pad, and a spun rainbow caparison veiled in spun glitter 2,070,625   !!
horse tack; saddlebag measures 17 x 10 x 5 (1100 stones)
On the covellite horse
Item Price Done
shark-like chanfron with a maw of sharp teeth - head 213,250   No
covellite crinnet adorned with a stylized pectoral fin - neck 118,592   No
covellite peytrel emblazoned with a hurricane - breast 1,188,750   No
covellite flanchards streaked with marine-hued lightning - flanks 3,165,625   No
abyssal blue crupper inlaid with an atramentous kraken - rump 788,750   No
chain barding (horse armor)
On the tomiek horse
Item Price Done
tomiek-edged ring chanfron with many tenebrous eyes - head 1,547,250   No
delicate tomiek-edged ring crinnet strung with scarlet tassels - neck 3,156,092   No
tomiek-edged ring peytrel centered with an ornate wildling spider pectoral - breast 4,826,250   No
tomiek-edged ring flanchards lined with scarlet spidersilk - flanks 4,603,125   No
tomiek-edged ring crupper adorned with animite spiderlings - rump 7,086,250   No
chain barding (horse armor)
On the loimic horse
Item Price Done
loimic-edged ring chanfron riven by a purple riftstone - head 9,791,250   No
loimic-edged ring crinnet interwoven with purple mistsilk - neck 5,641,092   No
loimic ring peytrel interspersed with a constellation of tiny riftstones - breast 29,951,250   No
voided flanchards composed of loimic-edged rings - flanks 28,228,125   No
ring crupper composed of warped loimic-edged rings - rump 28,251,250   No
chain barding (horse armor)