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The Hollow Eve Festival is an annual event. This page documents the shops and games open during the Hollow Eve 447 festival (2023).


  • Shops that are brand new (or have new inventory) are indicated in bold.
  • Attendee Gift:
To claim your gift: From Andreshlew, East Dock, GO EAST, GO EAST, GO NORTHEAST, then GO into the WIDE BUILDING, and ASK Mishli about gift.
  • Immediately on arrival to the festival grounds, you will find a table to purchase your invitation(s) and a barrel to purchase fast travel on the dolphins. This and the nearby rooms are available to all players, no ticket to the event is required. Tickets are required to go through gates, turnstiles & alleys that lead off the docks.
  • Greeters will be seen wandering throughout the festival periodically, offering help with where to find things and handing out gifts.

Roaming In Any Section

Room Entrance Shop Name Inventory Restrictions Shop
roaming Zasele Seamstress Zasele tasks; gives task-specific Outfitting instructions for each turn-in yes Yes
roaming Poltu Dealer Poltu tasks; gives task-specific Forging instructions for each turn-in yes Yes
roaming Bradyn Mechanic Bradyn tasks; gives task-specific Engineering instructions for each turn-in yes Yes
roaming Darkbox Darkbox game; looks to be the same prizes as HE 439 yes Yes
roaming Rothov High Enchanter Rothov food enchantment for weapons yes Yes

Overview Maps

  • Offsite maps can be found here:
  • The 436 DRService map can be found on DRService.
  • Kythryn's 447 maps can be found here:
  • See instructions below before editing this table.
  • Please check shop inventory before confirming if inventory is accurate/complete
  • Bolded shops have new and/or updated inventory.

Island Sections

Dockside of the island

HE447 wiki thumbnail01.jpg

Docks, Palace Road & Sinuous Shore Road

Room Entrance Shop Name Inventory Restrictions Shop
room 1 wide table draped with a gold-embroidered purple cloth with a couple of things on it HE Invitation Table HE invitations, fast travel options Yes
room 2 the Gallaenia Gallaenia bank services tied to the Crossing account yes Yes
room 10 down the alley
silver door
Crimson Dragon Gaming game yes Yes
room 10 <in the room> Shadow Forger Zentham replaces lost ecospheres yes Yes
room 11 cream-colored building Two Doors Down housing doors yes Yes
room 11 driftwood shed Capture the Bag autoloot containers (some rare materials) yes Yes
room 11 luxurious jacquard tent with elaborate embroidery Highway Robbery Redux clothing, toys (some rare materials) yes No
room 98-102 cave opening wee teardrinker hunting yes Yes
room 70-75 hillside path cloud eel hunting yes Yes
room 76-82 garden gate brine shark hunting yes Yes
room 12 sandstone bookstore Tomes of Lore scholarship training books (some rare materials) yes Yes
room 12 red tent painted like a barn Farm in Arms armor, weapons yes Yes
room 13 series of sandalwood caravans Hollow Eve Festival 447 Auction unique items Yes
room 13 in the room Pishuna Ithniwe chocolate, so much chocolate yes Yes
room 14 glittery white cottage with dusty sconces framing the door Glam and Gritty rare-material reversible clothing yes Yes
room 14 plain pine shop Wally's World of Walls home rare-material walls yes Yes
room 14 flannel tent Sleepwalkers sleep clothing (some rare materials) yes Yes
room 15 in the room Tailor Ichea modifies the HE439 gift yes Yes
room 15 opulent wide building Saidakyp of Andreshlew HE 447 gift, Item Registration, alterations, Esteemed Tinker Mishli yes Yes
room 15 stucco cottage Hero To Go armor, containers, clothing & jewelry (some rare materials) yes Yes
room 15 small driftwood shop with a sea-green awning Natural Beauty rare-material clothing & jewelry yes Yes
room 15 stone crypt Grave New World grave yard-themed home furnishing yes Yes
room 15 domed hall Craftsmen's Academy rentable crafting rooms yes Yes
room 16 white gazebo Don't Spill The Tea game yes No
room 16 pink pavilion with a mauve and cream striped canopy Killer Pinks rare-material weapons, armor & shields yes Yes
room 16 clapboard emporium Shimmers of Silver item-hiding clothing & jewelry (some rare materials) yes Yes
room 16 rambling shop Knight at the Club rare-material containers, clothing & jewelry yes Yes
room 17 cramped shack Bobbing for Lamprey game yes Yes
room 17 entrance to a spherical hovel painted to resemble a moongate The Future is Now Moon Mage divination tools (some rare materials) yes Yes
room 17 small shop offering curiously clicking clockwork contraptions in its window Tick Tock rare-material orlogs yes Yes

Dock Walk & Pearl Road

Room Entrance Shop Name Inventory Restrictions Shop
room 18 standing in the room cheerful Elven peddler giftwrap your items yes Yes
room 18 colorful boutique Hot Tropics clothing (some rare materials) yes Yes
room 18 grey canvas tent A Shot in the Shark shark-themed clothing yes Yes
room 18 cake-shaped shop Never Too Late Once More wedding-themed clothing & jewelry (some rare materials) yes Yes
room 19 coral and sandstone building Seat of Unification building housing 5 arches for the Merelew Factions; 900 faction points to enter an arch Merelew faction reputation yes Yes
room 19 dingy canvas tent A Second Round weapons, containers, clothing & jewelry yes Yes
room 19 small emporium Tighten Up! corsets (some rare materials) yes Yes
room 19 wooden shack Amylia's Attic rare material clothing yes Yes
room 20 white pavillion Limited Treasures periodic limited, high quality items Yes
room 20 crimson tent painted with leaping flames Clothes By Any Other Flame firestorm finished clothing yes Yes
room 20 lofty shop Trees Four Walls rare material home walls yes Yes
room 20 brick building Inkspressions containers (paper stackers), fancy writing paper yes Yes
room 21 trio of web-covered wagons Arachnomancy Arachnomancer Morrelo (arrival messaging), Elven arachnomancer (spell prep messaging) & Undertaker Gesian (depart messaging) yes Yes
room 21 sturdy tent To The Hammer Born expensive weapons, badges (some rare materials) yes Yes
room 21 vine-wrapped greenhouse Adaptive Botany Embrace of the Vela'tohr modifications Empath yes Yes
room 22 the Dolefaren The Dolefaren inn with food & drink yes Yes
room 22 elegant shop adorned with leaves and a brown awning Everlasting Beauty makeups, rare-material containers yes Yes
room 22 white building Affair of the Art home wall hangings yes Yes
room 22 narrow tent Fit to be Tied "foldable" clothing (some rare materials) yes Yes
room 23 silver tent Tower of Terror semi-customizable rare-material shields yes Yes
room 23 cozy cottage A Knight in Shining Scholar rare material clothing & containers
varying verbs based on skill
yes Yes
room 23 small shop shaped like a giant hamster cage Wheel or no Wheel home pets yes Yes
room 24 whitewashed shed adorned with flowers and climbing vines Garden of Plenty rare material Alchemy tools, herb containers yes Yes
room 24 boxy structure Familiar Treats Familiar treats, rare-material containers yes Yes
room 24 white and blue cozy shop In The Snow weather changing cloaks (some rare materials) yes No
room 24 wooden wagon Gift Me Up toys (some rare materials) yes Yes
room 25 sandstone hall Crown and Anchor game yes Yes
room 83 nearby shrine Andreshlew Holy Shrine Pilgrim's badge-aligned altar, location you depart to yes Yes
room 26 large gathering hall Andreshlew Gathering Hall free food & drink yes Yes
room 26 snug cottage Granny's Knot Spot clothing, jewelry, containers (some rare materials) yes Yes
room 26 cramped boutique Unique-corn toys yes Yes
room 27 white-marbled pavilion Andreshlew's Grand Raffle occasional raffle events Yes
room 27 frost-covered shop A Quick Bite meat preservation containers for Ranger companions (some rare materials) yes Yes
room 27 multi-roomed tent High on the Frog weapons, armor, shields, clothing & jewelry (some rare materials) yes Yes
room 27 tapestry tent Pi'rasha's Pins cloaks & cloak pins (some rare materials) yes Yes
room 27 resplendent gold temple See the Light Shield of Light variations Clerics Yes

Falashtan side of the island

Falashtan & Suporni Tomerszentani

HE447 wiki thumbnail02.jpg
Room Entrance Shop Name Inventory Restrictions Shop
room 28 whitewashed cottage Whimsies rare-material clothing & jewelry yes Yes
room 28 colorful building Eluned's Dreams in Flesh tattoos yes Yes
room 28 tall shop Swish Slash and Stab clothing (some rare materials) yes Yes
room 29 white shop Floors for Thought home floors yes Yes
room 29 black hall The Haunted House home decor yes Yes
room 29 brick emporium Urbane Outfitters clothing yes Yes
room 30 enclosed gazebo of gold-plated haon etched with semidemiquaver notes The Musiceum rare-material instruments yes Yes
room 30 canvas pavilion Creature's Pet home pets yes Yes
room 30 brick building What A Steel! customizable weapons yes Yes
room 31 rustic building Focus on the Past foci shop (some rare materials) Premium yes Yes
room 31 large oak wagon reinforced with iron riveting The Other Siegery Shop siegery pieces, clothing & containers (some with permanent "wax labels") yes Yes
room 31 canvas tent Stick and Stable wearable hobbyhorse weapons yes Yes
room 32 white wooden bungalow with a thatched roof Animal Market toys yes Yes
room 32 elegant boutique with a thatched roof Cause for Locket portrait lockets yes Yes
room 32 apple-red tent Fall's Harvest apple themed weapons, containers, clothing & food (some rare materials); apple bobbing game yes Yes
room 32 salt-flecked driftwood shack Hunka's Seaside Delights rare material toasting tools, toasting foods yes Yes
room 33 soaring multicolored silk pavilion The Emperor's New Robes rare-material clothing yes Yes
room 33 sturdy shed Pack to Basics customizable containers yes Yes
room 34 pebbled path leading into a small amphitheater Stupid Terrestrian Tricks game yes Yes
room 34 large hall Only The Holy rare-material containers yes Yes
room 34 cozy bungalow Jynli's Cattery HE Wing cat home pets yes Yes
room 34 wooden chuckwagon Pita Pan kitchen-themed weapons, armor, shields & clothing yes Yes
room 34 gigantic tapestry tent with multicolored banners flying All the King's Men clothing (some rare materials) yes Yes
room 35 rustic cabana Field Fashion rare-material clothing yes Yes
room 35 canvas booth Urn Back Time jewelry & clothing (some rare materials) yes No
room 35 brick boutique The Eyes Have It eye-themed toys yes Yes
room 36 otter den Sea Otter Smash game yes Yes
room 36 elegant emporium Looty Booty rare-material jewelry yes Yes
room 36 canvas tent Things That Go Bump in the Fight verbed clothing yes Yes
room 37 large steel-banded wagon Sputkin's Splendors spell scrolls; rare-material weapons; lockable containers; clothing; jewelry; Cleric gear & prayer mats yes Yes
room 37 white velvet tent flying bright blue banners stitched with silver roses Farhana's Island Exquisites clothing (some rare materials) yes Yes
room 37 brick building Kilt From Scratch containers, clothing (some rare materials) yes Yes
room 38 souvenir shop Lances and Roses Souvenir Shop weapons; dolls; ribands yes Yes
room 38 ramshackle tavern with a jackal painted on the oak door Eylhaar's Rest dartboard, bar merchandise, expensive drinks yes Yes
room 38 dilapidated stall with bright red banners Goblin Treats familiar treats & toys, naptha, home decor & food yes Yes
room 38 wooden stall with rows of dolls The Enflamed Effigy torches; dolls yes Yes
room 39 dark caravan marked with concentric circles Artistry of Flesh tattoos Premium yes Yes
room 39 black canvas tent Dying to Shop color-changing containers yes Yes
room 39 half-timbered shop Knotty Pirate clothing, toys (some rare-materials) yes Yes
room 40 small black hut with an arched door Dark Dalliance rare-material clothing, jewelry, containers yes Yes
room 40 makeshift wagon Makeshift Killing Supplies Annex weapons yes Yes
room 40 grey building with a white tile roof Soulful Trinkets anloral pins yes Yes
rooms 91-97 cavern opening Andreshlew Cave hunting rockclaw lobsters, decomposing Merelew and nacre-plated Torbisan decapods yes Yes
room 41 in the Saphtinagi room Undertaker Grichye death depart messages yes Yes
room 41 side passage
game rules in room #47
Water Tunnel Race game yes Yes
room 50 in the Rubtanagi room Wierge arrival & departure messages yes Yes
room 51 in the Raldtanagi room rusted mechanical fortuneteller game yes Yes

Suporni Kavmalitan

HE439 wiki thumbnail03.jpg
Room Entrance Shop Name Inventory Restrictions Shop
room 52 barnacle covered Drogor shrine Drogor Shrine occasional Capture the Critter game Yes
room 53 red barn Down on the Farm farm animal home pets yes Yes
room 53 brick store Rite of Cravat gem-setting neckwear (some rare materials) yes Yes
room 53 dark grey tent Tougher Than Weather weather changing containers, clothing & umbrellas (some rare materials) yes Yes
room 53 tall shop Jhanine Dering Cloaks clothing (some rare materials) yes Yes
room 54 stone building Dress for Success clothing, containers yes Yes
room 54 cedar-trimmed bungalow Raw Silk kimonos (some rare materials) yes Yes
room 55 misty grey pavilion with a white flag hanging next to its entrance Stabbaticals weapon-display containers (some rare materials) yes Yes
room 55 felt yurt Divine Design deity-display clothing & jewelry
(changes based on your last favor gained)
yes Yes
room 55 gleaming mahogany caravan inlaid with an elaborate compass design above the door Rizadi's Outfitters color & pattern changing clothing yes Yes
room 56 elegant white pavilion Wedding Belles rare gems, jewelry (some gem-setting), clothing (some color-changing) yes Yes
room 56 wooden cabana Cup It! slings & ammo yes Yes
room 56 squat white hut If You Beard It beard jewelry yes Yes
room 56 oval driftwood hut painted with a variety of unblinking eyes
enter the oval hut
Eye Spy rare material eyewear yes Yes
room 57 oilcloth tent Row Row Row Your Coat clothing (some rare materials) yes Yes
room 57 bright white brocade tent patterned with embroidered dancing bears Chuffed To Be Stuffed toys for lead pouches yes Yes
room 57 stately shop with a white cloth-covered doorway The Photash School of Butlery butler home pets yes Yes
room 58 in the room
narrow table with a catnip treat on it
Catnip Table catnip treats for kitten upgrades yes Yes
room 59 cozy shop Sofa So Good home couches yes Yes
room 59 simple wagon with a sign scrawled next to its entrance Skin Art by Jaecinda tattoos yes Yes
room 59 cream suede tent Sirit's Seafloor Leathers leather armor yes Yes
room 60 fish-shaped tent The Contented Sole footwear yes Yes
room 60 blue and green painted cottage Proud as a Peacock rare material clothing yes Yes
room 61 garish caravan with coral stalactites hanging from the roof Reinventing the Wheel Trader caravan upgrades yes Yes
room 61 small driftwood tavern covered with vines and dust The Lost Tavern expensive booze premium yes Yes
room 62 pink and purple structure Tastelessly Tacky weapons; armor; containers; clothing yes Yes
room 62 large canvas tent More Tool You crafting tools (some rare materials) yes No

*This restriction does not apply to all rooms.

Instructions for Editing Shop Tables

Please do not check these columns unless you have personally verified the information.

"Shop Done" means:

  • All of the inventory and prices are listed
  • Inventory and prices are for the current version (some shops have more than one version with different inventory or prices)
  • Store At A Glance has been completely filled out (including the item types)
  • All items have at least a basic link.
  • Rotating: This shop has rotating stock that may be missing.
  • Limited: This shop has limited stock that may have sold out before archiving.

"Items Done" means:

  • Every item in the shop has been blue-linked and completed fully. This is now handled automatically by the template.

Use the following code for the shop list:

{{fest|room|entrance|shop name (true name)|shop name (display)|inventory|restrictions|done?}}

Genie Automap

Genie users can download the current map from the map repository. They can navigate to specific shops by typing #GOTO followed by the shop name. (If the shop's name begins with The or A, omit that.)