High on the Frog

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High on the Frog
Event Hollow Eve Festival 447
# of Rooms 4
Store Type Armor shops, Clothing shops, Jewelry shops, Weapon shops, Shield shops
This store only accepts Kronars


[High on the Frog, Entrance]
Set in the corners are four polished brass braziers that illuminate the entryway with flickering flames. Canvas walls wave slightly in the breeze, the pale blue bands at their bottom swaying much like the waves on the ocean. Wood shavings are spread on the ground, the faint pine scent mixing with the faint smoky smell from the braziers.
You also see a tent flap and a large sign.
Obvious exits: north.

Large sign:

   Our wares
 old and antique
   no longer
readily obtained

Front Room

[High on the Frog, Front Room]
All along the canvas walls are a series of stylized frogs painted in shades of green and brown. A few are hopping while others are sitting or attempting to capture flying insects. Overhead a series of brass lanterns illuminate the shop's merchandise.
Obvious exits: northeast, south, northwest.

On the walnut counter
Item Price Done
goldenglow glaes tart-shaped pin filled with heliotrope raspberries 2,500,000   
ornate black gold hairpin shaped like a heron standing on one slim leg 250,000   
dainty platinum anklet with suspended rivertears 875,000   
carved iroko band with twining white coral filigree 5,000,000   
sandstrike crystal comb with a lace veil 600,000   
polished platinum chain supporting a carved peacock jasper spiral 4,000,000   
On the mistwood rack
Item Price Done
cream-colored deerskin shoes with crimson leather-thong cross-gartering 1,750,000   
silversteel-buckled black shoes 750,000   
starlight velvet tam-o'-shanter with a crimson feather cockade 1,125,000   
petalette pearl embroidered slippers dyed a pale seafoam green 1,250,000   
pair of eolienne stockings embroidered with silver thread and aquamarines 1,500,000   
lava samite slippers with a slight heel 1,500,000   
On the redwood shelf
Item Price Done
side-laced lava samite kirtle with iridescent scale trim 7,500,000   
grey double-breasted Velakan linen jacket with sharkskin lapels 2,500,000   
iridescent oceanmist satin gown with a plunging back and full train 17,500,000   
tailored sable-hued madun trousers trimmed with black coral beading 250,000   
bluefire velvet tunic slashed with azure silk and edged with coral beadwork 6,000,000   
midnight blue branched velvet cloak trimmed in silver with a gold lion clasp 500,000   
sophisticated ivory spidersilk gown accented with dragon's blood crystals 15,000,000   

Side Alcove

[High on the Frog, Side Alcove]
Standing in the center of the room is a human-sized wooden sculpture of a giant frog, its eyes bulging and long tongue hanging out. Painted stands circle the statue, keeping the curious from getting close while simultaneously displaying wares for sale. The ground is covered with pine shavings that add their fresh scent to the faint oil and leather odors of the merchandise.
Obvious exits: east, southeast.

On the green-painted stand
Item Price Done
gold-edged scimitar with a plain hilt 187,500   
engraved razor-edged sabre 187,500   
teak-hafted battle axe 187,500   
polished jewel-encrusted longsword 187,500   
walnut-hafted fishing spear with a long iron tip 187,500   
steel double axe with an etched hardwood handle 187,500   
On the brown-painted stand
Item Price Done
bronze-hilted broadsword with a cork grip and wide knuckleguard 187,500   
pattern-welded back-sword 187,500   
blackened steel scimitar with an intricately carved alabaster hilt 187,500   
ivory-hilted broadsword with a crimson blade 187,500   
icesteel hammer with a grooved teak handle 7,500,000   

Side Chamber

[High on the Frog, Side Chamber]
Stenciled onto the center of each canvas panel is a bulging-eyed frog staring straight out into the room. Flanking each frog is a stylized lily bloom, done in white paint. A few racks and shelves are scattered about the shaving-covered ground.
Obvious exits: southwest, west.

On the modwir rack
Item Price Done
dark battle leathers with gold topstitching 225,000   
autumn gold leathers traced with a faint pattern of brown-veined oak leaves 225,000   
white doeskin hunting leathers trimmed with tasseled silver studs 225,000   
supple hunting leathers trimmed with a buckskin fringe down both sleeves 225,000   
dark scarlet battle leathers branded with a golden hawk 225,000   
rugged firecat-skin leathers embossed with curling scarlet flames 225,000   
aqua-trimmed leathers adorned at the shoulders with clusters of seed pearls 225,000   
dark leathers painted with an orange and silver device 225,000   
dappled cream boarskin leathers 225,000   
midnight black leathers featuring hammered platinum studs on the outer seams 225,000   
On the dogwood stand
Item Price Done
suit of silvered steel armor etched with delicate gold lines 250,000   
gleaming silvered plate emblazoned with a sunburst on the chest piece 250,000   
silvered chain mail made of interlocking burnished steel links 250,000   
gleaming chain coverall of polished silver-washed links 250,000   
crimson kite shield with thorny-stemmed rosebuds enameled around the edges 250,000   
gleaming steel pavise inlaid with a slender mother-of-pearl lily 250,000   
circular buckler with a bushy wolf tail fastened at the center 250,000   
plain steel armor with a red and white bull's-eye painted on the front 250,000   
suit of matte brown plate armor embellished with a seven-pointed star 250,000   
finely crafted suit of field armor lined with crimson lambswool 250,000   
polished full plate armor with gilt etching 250,000