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A toasting pit can be any number of player-activated fire sources found around Elanthia that, when lit, can be used to cook specialty foods.


  • First, make sure the fire pit, fireplace, etc. is filled with logs or nearby burnable material.
  • Second, LIGHT the fire pit after you've PUT some logs inside.
  • Third, buy a roasting stick, grab some food and PUT your food on the stick.
  • Finally, WAVE your stick to start your toasting adventure!


Toasting Tools

These items are used to interact with the toasting pits or fires.

Carved dragon roasting stickODS Housecommon
Carved gryphon roasting stickLion's Den Loungecommon
Cast-iron spider skillet with spindly legsHunka's Burning Love (5)
Hunka's Burning Love (4)
Enameled cast-iron casserole pan with heart-shaped handlesHunka's Burning Love (5)festival
Hammered copper pan with an upwardly angled handleHunka's Burning Love (5)
Hunka's Burning Love (4)
Little ceramic saucepan with bright green glazingHunka's Burning Love (5)festival
Mahogany toasting stickItem:Large embroidered cooking sack
Octagonal cast-iron grill pan with deep diagonal ridgesHunka's Burning Love (5)
Hunka's Burning Love (4)
Portable tyrium cooking brazier balanced upon a tapered wrought-iron tripodHunka's Seaside Delightsfestival
Round copper crepe pan with low sidesHunka's Burning Love (5)festival
Sana'ati wood toasting stickSilvermist Estatecommon
Shallow silversteel roasting pan with reinforced edges and rounded cornersHunka's Seaside Delightsfestival
Shiny silversteel fry pot paired with a perforated strainer basketHunka's Seaside Delightsfestival
Smooth silversteel cupcake pan bolstered by oversized rimsHunka's Seaside Delightsfestival
Tall silversteel soup pot with riveted double handlesHunka's Burning Love (5)festival
... further results

Compatible Foods

The following list of foods can be eaten uncooked (in most cases) however when cooked over a fire or toasting pit with a toasting stick or specialty cooking container will create a different food item.

Bag of plump marshmallowsSilvermist Estate
Silvermist Estate
Bowl of uncooked mussels mixed with chopped parsleyHunka's Seaside Delightsfestival
Cherry tomato (2)Theren Guard Headquarters
ODS House
Chunks of ham rubbed with brown sugarTheren Guard Headquarterscommon
Chunks of zesty marinated beefTheren Guard Headquarterscommon
Cold noodles mixed with uncooked prawns and chunks of raw crabHunka's Seaside Delightsfestival
Crescent-shaped beef pasty with a pale crimped crustHunka's Seaside Delightsfestival
Fresh herb-rubbed shrimpTheren Guard Headquarterscommon
Fresh shrimpODS Housecommon
Large mushroomODS Housecommon
Large paprika-dusted mushroomTheren Guard Headquarterscommon
Marinated beefODS Housecommon
Plump marshmallowTheren Guard Headquarters
ODS House
Raw fish fillet dipped in a thin batterHunka's Seaside Delightsfestival
Raw shrimp mixed with chunks of butterHunka's Seaside Delightsfestival
... further results