Skin Art by Jaecinda (2)

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Skin Art by Jaecinda
Event Hollow Eve Festival 447
Owner Jaecinda
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Tattoo shops
This store only accepts Kronars
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[Skin Art by Jaecinda]
The simple wagon lacks any significant decoration. The walls are bare wood, and large windows provide ample natural lighting while an ink-stained rug, likely once cream colored, covers most of the floor. A lone workspace exists for Jaecinda to do her work.
You also see an opened doorway and a catalog.
Obvious exits: none.


You flip through the merchant's book of art.

# Tattoo Description
1 a school of silver-flecked violet dancerfish swimming through a rippling musical staff
2 a school of bubble-eyed emerald moorfish spiraling up from a rocky seafloor to create a whirlpool
3 a sandy beach strewn with colorful blue and pink nedoren shells
4 a large cerulean-tinted alfarfish nestled between twin branches of brilliant red coral
5 a school of crimson nomlas comically ignoring a dangled fishing hook
6 a stately female Merelew with pure silver scales and bright green hair
7 a gigantic sea turtle carrying a crescent moon in its jaws
8 a billowing cluster of pink-tipped blue coral fingers rising from a rocky surface
9 a split view of numerous starry flounders beneath rolling waves while a muted Xibar rises above the horizon into a star-filled night sky
10 a metallic blue-scaled Merelew woman clutching a golden-tipped silvery trident that points at an unseen foe
11 a fanciful depiction of Andreshlew's docks with the soaring palace towering in the background
12 a spread of different styles of coral representing every color of the rainbow
13 a striped pink dolphin leaping atop a glittery cerulean wave
14 a beastly emerald wasp with monstrously barbed legs
15 a lifelike wasp with opalescent mesh wings
16 a monstrously fanged and bloated hornet dripping a pearlescent green fluid
17 a cracked dark sapphire beetle with viciously horned wings
18 an oversized mosquito perched atop a ruby-red heart
19 a multicolored bee crawling over dripping honeycomb
20 a faceted amber glowbug partially silhouetted against the sun
21 a pair of prismatic glowbugs radiating an arched rainbow between them
22 a shaded blue and black beetle landing on a veiny green leaf
23 a multi-towered sandcastle flying blue and red pennants

Tattoo services cost 250000 Kronars. Removal costs 25000 Kronars.
No refunds. Not responsible for accidents.


We're willing to put our art on your:

# Tattoo Location
1 shoulder
2 forehead
3 cheekbone
4 thigh
5 left wrist
6 right wrist
7 abdomen
8 forearm
9 chin
10 left cheekbone
11 right cheekbone
12 calf
13 left ankle
14 right ankle
15 left temple
16 right temple
17 left hip
18 right hip
19 left palm
20 right palm
21 right shin
22 left shin
23 right knee
24 left knee

Check the MENU for art you enjoy. Then CHOOSE the
location for your art after ORDERing your tattoo.
[CHOOSE REMOVE for tattoo removal.]