Tick Tock

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Tick Tock
Event Hollow Eve Festival 443, Hollow Eve Festival 447
Owner Tidworth
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Miscellaneous shops
This store only accepts Kronars


[Tick Tock, Sales Floor]
From behind a counter, a clerk carefully cleans fingerprints and other smudges from the wares proudly displayed throughout the small room. A shadesatin-lined tray of fancy clockwork devices is set on a counter between a black bust and some alerce pegs showcasing similar mechanical creations. Metal keys matching the various gadgets hang from some aldamdin hooks.
You also see an engraved sign and a door.
Obvious exits: none.

An engraved sign reads:
"Available at no additional charge, we will engrave any orlog purchase with your name.  To request this service, simply tap it after puchase to notify the engraver."
On the aldamdin hooks
Item Price Done
goldenglow glaes key 1,500,000   
kertig key 625,000   
oceanic orichalcum key 1,000,000   
silversteel key 750,000   
On the alerce pegs
Item Price Done
goldenglow glaes orlog suspended from a fine silver chain 11,250,000   
kertig orlog suspended from a forged iron chain 6,875,000   
oceanic orichalcum orlog suspended from a braided kelpzyte chain 9,875,000   
silversteel orlog suspended from a box-linked tyrium chain 8,750,000   
On the black bust
Item Price Done
goldenglow glaes pendant-orlog 11,250,000   
kertig pendant-orlog 6,875,000   
oceanic orichalcum pendant-orlog 8,750,000   
silversteel pendant-orlog 7,500,000   
On the shadesatin tray
Item Price Done
goldenglow glaes orlog 8,750,000   
kertig orlog 4,375,000   
oceanic orichalcum orlog 6,250,000   
silversteel orlog 5,000,000   


After you purchase an orlog, you can stand within the shop and TAP MY ORLOG to have it inscribed with your name. Once you do this, the LOOK on your orlog will change from the standard as-purchased look to include your first name. Last names and titles are not added to the inscription. As an example, the closed look for the oceanic orichalcum orlog suspended from a braided kelpzyte chain changed to the following:

Braided metal strands of chocolatey-brown metal form a short, sophisticated chain for suspending this fist-sized device of phthalo-blue punctuated by warm, red-gold specular highlights.  Underneath it, engraved in a flowing script, you read:


On the back you notice instructions for its use you can read.