Makeshift Killing Supplies Annex

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Makeshift Killing Supplies Annex
Event Hollow Eve Festival 443, Hollow Eve Festival 447
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Weapon shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Makeshift Killing Supplies]
Crafted of rough wooden boards cobbled together with rusted nails, this wagon looks as though it's ready to fall apart. Wares are displayed in the center of the room, where they are slightly less likely to be attacked by the termites that infest the mobile shop. You also see a decrepit workbench with several things on it, a rickety table with several things on it and a battered wagon door.

On the decrepit workbench
Item Price Done
rusted iron bar with a slight bend at one end - (STAVE) 125,000   
gloamstone statue arm broken off at the elbow - (2HB) 2,125,000   
tied wool sock filled with stones - (SB) 25,000   
audrualm stylus with a sharpened point - (SE) 750,000   
tied sailcloth sack crammed with doorknobs - (HB/HT) 125,000   
fragment of broken glass wrapped with scraps of cloth - (SE) 125,000   
serving tray honed to a razor edge - (SB/LT) 125,000   
long wooden hairbrush with horsehair bristles - (SB) 125,000   
broken table leg with a few flakes of peeling paint - (SB) 125,000   
On the rickety table
Item Price Done
broken pole with a tattered pennant at one end - (STAVE) 125,000   
walnut pole with a rusty dagger tied to one end - (POLEARM) 125,000   
sturdy maple folding chair tied shut with twine - (2HB) 125,000   
oaken wooden plank studded with rusty nails - (SB) 125,000   
broken pine gatepole with a splintered end - (STAVE) 125,000   
broken fence post wrapped with barbed wire - (SB) 125,000   
sharpened screwdriver with a broken wooden handle - (SE) 125,000   
battered teak oar broken halfway down the shaft - (LB) 125,000