Second Round (2)

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A Second Round
Event Hollow Eve Festival 443, Hollow Eve Festival 447
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Weapon shops, Armor shops, Clothing shops, Container shops, Toy shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[A Second Round, Tent]
Dingy canvas walls encircle a floor of uneven pine planks. A few spots of mold or mildew spread across the fabric, adding a note of mustiness to the still air. A few battered tables hold the merchandise which is heaped up with no sign of organization.
You also see a canvas tent flap.
Obvious exits: none

On the walnut table
Item Price Done
bloodstained off-white linen apron 1,250   
threadbare white cambric handkerchief 250   
scuffed brown leather boots with ragged soles 1,000   
moth-eaten brown wool trousers 1,250   
scuffed leather knapsack splattered with bloodstains 937   
badly frayed rope belt caked with salt stains 500   
frayed straw hat with faded ribbon ties 375   
patched homespun shirt with chipped wooden buttons 1,250   
musty beige wool riding cloak with a badly frayed hem 3,750   
doeskin breeches covered with grass stains 1,187   
On the oak table
Item Price Done
stained linen chef's hat 500   
dingy cream linen skirt hemmed with yellowed lace 1,000   
salt-stained yellow cotton shirt 1,250   
battered brown leather cape 3,750   
moldy ecru canvas backpack 937   
ragged grey wool smock splattered with paint 1,250   
ragged snakeskin shoes 1,000   
battered grey felt hat 375   
pair of patched sailcloth pants 1,250   
faded pink cotton blouse with frayed hems 1,000   
On the maple table
Item Price Done
dull grey broadsword with a rusted hilt 187,500   
dented steel morion 187,500   
dull grey scimitar with a rusted hilt 187,500   
worn leather sling 187,500   
worn wooden bracelet with chipped beads 187   
nicked pewter earrings coated with flaking gold paint 1,125   
plain brass armband with a missing gem setting 1,250   
tarnished copper amulet 1,000   
pair of tarnished silver cufflinks 625   
battered stuffed owl 500   
tarnished copper amulet 1,000   
On the spruce table
Item Price Done
dingy white linen neck ruff 1,000   
faded blue and white hair ribbons 562   
beige homespun robe with long sleeves 1062   
knitted blue wool hose 750   
battered stuffed teddy bear 500   
battered charcoal-grey wizard's hat 906   
faded blue wool dress 2,500