Row Row Row Your Coat

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Row Row Row Your Coat
Event Hollow Eve Festival 443, Hollow Eve Festival 447
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Row Row Row Your Coat, Shop]
Oilcloth walls devoid of decoration enclose the shop, the peaked roof upheld by long wooden poles. Simple stands and shelves are dispersed around the room, each strategically placed under a lantern hanging from the tentpoles. Clerks circulate throughout, always ready to answer a question or make a sale.
You also see an oilcloth flap.
Obvious exits: none.

On the birch shelf
Item Price Done
scarlet wool coat trimmed with gold braid 62,500   
long loden green wool redingcote with wide lapels 62,500   
voluminous burgundy wool greatcoat with jet buttons 62,500   
cobalt wool overcoat lined with white satin 62,500   
saffron wool longcoat with a fur collar 62,500   
cream-colored wool capote with a matching sash 62,500   
bright canary yellow raincoat with deep pockets 62,500   
khaki wool box coat with carved wooden buttons 62,500   
midnight black wool mente with elaborate frog fasteners down the front 62,500   
charcoal grey wool peacoat with wooden buttons 62,500   
On the birch stand
Item Price Done
bright blue felt peacoat with wooden buttons 125,000   
dark russet leather greatcoat lined with black satin 125,000   
crimson camlet greatcoat with black silk lapels 2,000,000   
taupe khaddar longcoat with shell pink silk braid 87,500   
orange oilcloth raincoat embroidered with ducks 87,500   
beige homespun capote with wooden toggles 62,500   
plain doeskin longcoat lined with dark green flannel 62,500   
sage green canvas raincoat with wooden buttons 62,500   
azure angora peacoat trimmed with silver braid 87,500   
On the poplar shelf
Item Price Done
floral chintz quilted coat with carved flower buttons 87,500   
grey and black tweed coat with onyx buttons 87,500   
gold-dyed snakeskin coat lined with puce duchess satin 5,125,000   
royal blue zibeline coat with silver buttons 150,000   
pearl grey dergatine coat lined with charcoal grey flannel 3,125,000   
verdigris punka overcoat with wooden buttons 3,125,000   
black sailcloth overcoat with bone buttons 87,500   
seal brown oilcloth greatcoat with brass buttons 87,500   
On the poplar stand
Item Price Done
silveress quilted coat with royal blue silk piping 12,500,000   
slate grey thornweave longcoat with a matching sash 10,000,000   
walnut brown fustian longcoat lined with black cotton 62,500   
pale pink felt coat with a large embroidered hummingbird on the back 100,000   
cobalt blue wool greatcoat with a large embroidered sunflower on the back 100,000   
steel grey wool overcoat lined with pale grey silk 100,000   
buff leather overcoat embossed all over with tiny pink hearts 100,000   
tanned doeskin longcoat painted with a spreading oak tree on the back 100,000   
pale cream wool peacoat with an erupting volcano embroidered on the back 100,000