Sleepwalkers (5)

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Event Hollow Eve Festival 443, Hollow Eve Festival 447
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Clothing shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Sleepwalkers, Salesroom]
Soft flannel drapes and plush cushions surround the area, inviting patrons to curl up for a nap after putting on their new purchases. Piles of folded pajamas in assorted patterns and colors mound over a large, padded table, while two baskets nearby are full of fluffy foot coverings. A padded shelf hangs on the wall, opposite the curtain.
You also see a flannel curtain.
Obvious exits: none.

padded table
Item Price Done
fuzzy brown pajamas with a fleece-lined hood 62,500   
red flannel pajamas piped with black seams 25,000   
white and grey striped pajamas scattered with roly-poly kittens 3,250,000   
pale green pajamas patterned with tropical leaves and hibiscus flowers 12,500   
padded shelf
Item Price Done
emerald-green dragonar pajama shirt 2,000,000   
charcoal-grey oceanmist satin pajama shirt 1,062,500   
pale yellow petalette pajama shirt with lemon-shaped buttons 5,625,000   
oversized pajama shirt composed of midnight-black marblesilk 162,500   
bamboo basket
Item Price Done
shaggy unicorn slippers with tiny rainbow sapphire horns 150,000   
velvety cat slippers with long whiskers 18,750   
fuzzy shark slippers with felted white teeth 87,500   
pale grey seagull slippers with beady eyes 12,500   
wicker basket
Item Price Done
blue flannel pajama bottoms 9,375   
bright purple spun glitter pajama bottoms embroidered with unicorns 100,000   
glossy cerulean seasilk pajama bottoms piped in gold 1,812,500   
midnight-black shadesatin pajama bottoms stitched with moons and stars 1,325,000