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a <style> <fabric> <container> <modifications> <materials> <depictions>
Look: You see nothing unusual.
Weight: 60 stones
Metal: Unknown
Appraised Cost: 62 Kronars
49.6 Lirums
44.739 Dokoras
0.062 LTBpoints
0.062 Tickets
0.062 Scrips
  • This item is a container or has pockets.
  • This item is a spacious container that can hold up to 5 items, in spite of how large or small the container may appear outwardly.
  • This item is worn in a generic slot.
Dimensions: 8 length x 5 width x 2 height
Capacity: 250 length x 25 width x 25 height (9990 stones)
Sources: Source is Ichea, Hollow Eve Festival 439


The gift from Hollow Eve 439 (2021) is a special container, but different from the previous festival's eddy. It has three key draws that make it stand out:

  1. It's general worn, so it won't compete with precious back/belt/etc slots.
  2. It functions like one of the "hold anything" containers, and can hold any 5 items regardless of size/weight.
  3. It allows you to gain a (single) BONUS inventory slot to the location of your choosing, with some restrictions. Need another belt slot? You got it! Oh no, but there's a fancy ball this weekend and you want to show off ANOTHER fancy ring -- no worries, you can easily swap it over for the event!

The gift is also highly customizable. Return to Saidakyp of Andreshlew and speak with Ichea about making cosmetic changes to it.


The <fabric> <container> is a special gift from the Merelew. Being a general worn container, it also can hold any 5 items regardless of size or weight. Additionally, it can grant you a single extra wearable slot to a location of your choice. For this:
WHISPER MY <CONTAINER> LIST to see a valid list of locations you could choose from.
WHISPER MY <CONTAINER> {LOCATION} to select the location you want to boost.
ADJUST MY <CONTAINER> to activate the bonus inventory slot. It will show in INV SLOT.
You do not need to be wearing the <fabric> <container> (or keep it on you) to maintain the bonus, but you must have it to remove or change the bonus slot. To change the slot, you may ADJUST it again to cancel the currently active bonus slot, then WHISPER a new {location} and ADJUST again.
[This can only be changed once every 24 real world hours. It can be changed now.]
Valid locations are body, back, waist, on shoulders, pants, wrist, finger, feet, neck, belt, ear, ears, ankle, thigh, upper arm, left eye, right eye, tied to hair, placed in hair, shirt with armor and head-nonarmor.
Note that the syntax can be picky!
You make a subtle change to the <fabric> <container>, indicating a preference for an extra item worn <slot name>. You must ADJUST it to activate it.
You pause to consider the adjustment.
[If you wish to gain an additional slot for items worn <slot name>, repeat the command within 15 seconds. You will be unable to change it for 24 hours.]
Roundtime: 3 sec.
  • ADJUST MY <CONTAINER>: (confirmation)
You make a subtle adjustment to the <fabric> <container> and feel full of new potential.


  • The INV SLOTS command will mark the slot you have bonused in case you forget! You'll see "(+)" next to a bonused slot.
  • You cannot bonus armor, weapon, brawling gear or tail slots. Bald folks can't bonus the two hair slots. If you pick a slot today, but decide you want a different one tomorrow, you can remove the bonused one and swap it to the new one. You can only bonus a single slot at a time from this gift. There is a 24 hour cooldown on this swapping.
  • Since we have different bonding mechs, just to be clear -- the gift bonds in the sense that it will only work for the person who gets it, yes. You can hand it to someone else, but they can't use the bonus slot mechs. The container is the only way you can ever change the bonus slot.


Via Ichea

a <style> <fabric> <container> <modifications> <materials> <depictions>
You may choose to omit the style, fabric or both, but everything else is mandatory, even if you choose what you currently have.

While nothing is set in stone until it releases, the current plan is for Ichea (the customization NPC) to remain at / return for future Hollow Eve events, so you'll be able to re-customize your container in the future. There may be a plat cost to customize them after this year, though, so try out a few styles while it's free to do so this year!

  1. (blank)
  2. banded
  3. beaded
  4. beribboned
  5. drab
  6. dirty
  7. discolored
  8. elaborate
  9. faded
  10. feathered
  11. filthy
  12. flowery
  13. frayed
  14. glittered
  15. heavy
  16. ink-stained
  17. light
  18. modest
  19. muddy
  20. padded
  21. rugged
  22. simple
  23. soot-covered
  24. stained
  25. striking
  26. striped
  27. sturdy
  28. threadbare
  1. apron
  2. backpack
  3. bag
  4. basket
  5. bindle
  6. bundle
  7. carryall
  8. case
  9. handbag
  10. hamper
  11. haversack
  12. kit
  13. knapsack
  14. pack
  15. poke
  16. pouch
  17. rucksack
  18. sack
  19. satchel
  20. tote
  1. accented with
  2. adorned with
  3. bedecked with
  4. bedraggled with
  5. covered with
  6. dangling
  7. embellished with
  8. fastened with
  9. studded with
  10. with a pair of
  11. with a trio of
  12. with some
  1. adders
  2. albatrosses
  3. ampules
  4. arrows
  5. barrels
  6. black widow spiders
  7. blossoms
  8. bottles
  9. candles
  10. cauldrons
  11. censers
  12. centaurs
  13. charms
  14. cigars
  15. claws
  16. cobras
  17. coiled ropes
  18. coins
  19. cows
  20. coyotes
  21. crossbow charms
  22. crossed lance charms
  23. crowns
  24. cups
  25. dagger charms
  26. dice charms
  27. dolphins
  28. donkeys
  29. doves
  30. dragonflies
  31. feather charms
  32. fish charms
  33. flowers
  34. forger's tongs
  35. four-leafed clovers
  36. galleons
  37. goshawks
  38. hammer charms
  39. herb charms
  40. herons
  41. honey bees
  42. horned owls
  43. jackals
  44. kegs
  45. king snakes
  46. knitting needles
  47. kraken charms
  48. leaves
  49. lions
  50. lockpicks
  51. magpies
  52. mongooses
  53. nightingales
  54. octopus charms
  55. orlogs
  56. oxen
  57. panthers
  58. phoenixes
  59. pickaxe charms
  60. quills
  61. raccoons
  62. rams
  63. ravens
  64. roses
  65. runestone charms
  66. scorpions
  67. seashells
  68. seven-pointed stars
  69. sharks
  70. shield charms
  71. shrews
  72. shrikes
  73. skulls
  74. spiderwebs
  75. stars
  76. tabby cats
  77. talons
  78. tricorns
  79. unicorns
  80. vipers
  81. vultures
  82. wand charms
  83. weasels
  84. welkins
  85. wild boars
  86. wolverines
  87. wolves
  88. wraiths
  89. wrens
  90. wyverns

Via Alteration

These containers can be altered, but to be explicitly clear: you will be unable to use the Ichea to make changes to it in the future. Should you decide you want to change the design after having it altered, you will need to seek out another live merchant.

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