Familiar Treats

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Familiar Treats
Event Hollow Eve Festival 439, Hollow Eve Festival 443, Hollow Eve Festival 447
# of Rooms 1
Store Type Warrior Mage shops, Container shops
This store only accepts Kronars

[Familiar Treats, Inside]
Blocks of glittering sand create a boxy room with an inviting, open space. Starglass sconces have been strategically positioned to highlight sales displays spaced around the room.
You also see an open doorway, a small treat bowl, a large treat platter with several things on it, a dark stained treat counter with several things on it, a fir pedestal fixed with a plaque with several things on it and some bag hooks with several things on it.
Obvious exits: none.

In the treat bowl
Item Price Done
beetle-shaped familiar treat 150   
lettuce-green familiar pellet 150   
fly-shaped familiar treat 150   
grassy-green familiar treat 150   
For small familiars

On the treat platter
Item Price Done
kernel-shaped familiar treat 1,000   
cheese wedge-shaped familiar treat 1,000   
walnut-shaped familiar treat 1,000   
moth-shaped familiar treat 1,000   
worm-shaped familiar treat 1,000   
carrot-orange familiar treat 1,000   
For large familiars

On the treat counter
Item Price Done
root-shaped familiar treat 1,500   
bone-shaped familiar treat 1,500   
small mammal-shaped familiar treat 1,500   
peanut-shaped familiar treat 1,500   
crunchy familiar treat 1,500   
For dark familiars

On the fir pedestal
Item Price Done
Gnome-shaped familiar treat - for dragon familiars 15,000   
inkhorne-shaped familiar treat - for leopard familiars 15,000   
bird-shaped familiar treat - for lynx familiars 15,000   
deer-shaped familiar treat - for panther familiars 15,000   
nomlas-shaped familiar treat - for bear familiars 15,000   
rodent-shaped familiar treat - for owl familiars 15,000   
For fir familiars
"Treats for picky eaters! Owls might enjoy a rodent, bears a nomlas, panthers a deer, lynx a sparrow, leopard an inkhorne, and dragons a Gnome."

On the bag hooks
Item Price Done
deep-pink coralite treat box with glittery gold inclusions 5,000,000   
muted red madun treat pocket 250,000   
glossy seasilk treat belt 837,500   
dragonar drawstring treat pouch 625,000   
gemfire velvet treat bag with a glitvire toggle 1,000,000   
"The bags on this hook will hold up to 30 copies of any one type of treat!"


You might try FEEDing the TREAT TO the (FAMILIAR TYPE)