Killer Pinks

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Killer Pinks
Event Hollow Eve Festival 439, Hollow Eve Festival 443, Hollow Eve Festival 447
# of Rooms 2
Store Type Armor shops, Weapon shops
This store only accepts Kronars

Fatally Aggressive

[Killer Pinks, Fatally Aggressive]
Coralite lanterns dangle freely from petalette cords strung across the high ceiling and cast a pinkish-gold light across the glossy black floor. The ricepaper walls are vertically striped in shades of mauve and cream, each lined with coralite hooks bearing various bows and crossbows. Narrow tables shoved into the corners display additional weapons available for purchase.
You also see a coralite pedestal with a slender coralite-bladed seasilk fan dangling starfish charms on it and an elegant archway festooned with pink streamers.
Obvious exits: east.

On the coralite hooks
Item Price Done
alerce battle crossbow encrusted with blush-hued rubies 9,062,500   
forester's longbow encased in pink tamarak bark 725,000   
glitvire horseman's bow tipped with rose beryls 4,812,500   
hot pink gloomwood saddle bow dangling a trio of flamingo feathers 687,500   
polished iroko stonebow with a fuchsia leather sling 10,937,500   
alpine crossbow with a magenta boltplate 750,000   
On the coralite pedestal
Item Price Done
slender coralite-bladed seasilk fan dangling starfish charms 26,250,000   
On the watermelon-pink table
Item Price Done
enormous war mattock composed of pink glaes 38,750,000   
windsteel ukabi inlaid with pink diamonds 5,312,500   
platinum-plated belaying pin painted with pink hearts 4,687,500   
enormous haralun gavel studded with heliotrope spikes 16,250,000   
On the blush-hued table
Item Price Done
serrated kuwinite marauder blade with a pinkish-white kapok hilt 13,625,000   
blackened steel hunting sword wrapped in soft pink rosecloth 2,375,000   
glittery coralite pasabas with a starfish-shaped basket hilt 33,750,000   
thin strawberry-hued glaes stiletto 6,875,000   

Define Outcomes

[Killer Pinks, Define Outcomes]
Lengths of peachy-pink spun glitter cover the room's walls, their metallic threads shimmering beautifully beneath the soft light cast by an ornate coralite chandelier hanging from the center of the room. Freestanding mannequins are artfully arranged across the bright pink floor to highlight their wares.
Obvious exits: west.

On the coralite table
Item Price Done
glittery coralite skirmisher's shield 132,500,000   
glossy kuwinite battle shield 40,625,000   
brilliant pink triangular sipar accented with rose gold trim 875,000   
glittery coralite parry stick spiraled like a narwhal tusk 36,250,000   
glossy kuwinite parry stick shaped like a scorpion tail 7,187,500   
On the kuwinite mannequin
Item Price Done
raspberry-pink kuwinite plate greaves inlaid with scorpion diamonds 25,000,000   
glossy kuwinite plate gauntlets with spiked cuffs 17,925,000   
glossy kuwinite plate cuirass emblazoned with a nest of scorpions 52,187,500   
raspberry-pink kuwinite plate mask embedded with scorpion diamonds 12,812,500   
raspberry-pink kuwinite great helm mounted with a pair of scorpion tails 46,562,500   
On the coralite mannequin
Item Price Done
glittery coralite chain greaves etched with leaping narwhals 81,250,000   
glittery coralite chain gloves 47,500,000   
glittery coralite chain shirt tailored for a snug fit 268,750,000   
glittery coralite chain mask 23,750,000   
glittery coralite chain helm with a narwhal tusk mohawk 77,500,000   
On the rose gold mannequin
Item Price Done
rose gold battle leathers branded with a sinuous sea serpent 4,687,500   
rose gold leather greaves sculpted to resemble imbricated serpent scales 2,000,000   
pair of rose gold leather gloves riveted with bright pink glaes 2,375,000   
fitted rose gold leather vest laced with bright pink seasilk ribbons 3,150,000   
pair of scale-embossed rose gold leather vambraces 2,187,500   
rose gold battle cowl crowned with a circlet of serpent's head sapphires 2,125,000